Avoiding daisy


Since daisy hones down the monster whether it’s sneaking or not, is there anyway to juke daisy? Perhaps going in water, but I still find it difficult to shake her. Does anyone have tips?

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doesnt she home only to the last kill/eat?


Yes. How Daisy works is that there are two types of footprints. Sneaking and non sneaking. I will call these High Profile and Low Profile going forward. When you are high profile you leave visible prints on where you go. These are assigned a numbered value the moment they are made that slowly goes down with time. Low Profile doesn’t leave visible prints but still creates a track that has a numbered value when created. This number is a lot less than a High Profile print.

Daisy will go for the highest value target within her smell range. So if you had two monsters side by side one sneaking and the other not, it will follow the loud one. If you go through water it does not leave a print. However, climbing around on bridges can. The only way around this is to leap with goliath, or warp with Wraith/use Decoy (Decoy leaves no prints). Sorry Kraken, no sneaking through water as well as the others.

So you can Juke Daisy by leaving loud prints from time to time in a direction you aren’t going. Walking backwards is also helpful sometimes as the party will think you went that way even if they lose sight of the trail.

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dasiy is slow and dasiy does noy go chasing after u if maggie does not followdasiy she stays still


the best part at daisy is that you can easily identify who the trapper is and run in the opposite direction


The first counter to daisy is knowing its going to be there.

And by this i mean take really shitty paths for hunters, scale every cliff you can, drop down do circles around large areas.

basically to counter daisy you use the terrain and just move quick dont sit in one spot for too long. the other counter is to make it look like daisy has these random pathing problems which will make the hunters begin to question daisy.


+1 a lot to this :smiley: Messing with her can make it look like the AI is broken :smiley:


i actually got a hunter team to circle a pillar 3 times without questioning daisy lol.


I Had the same problem and I was basically told you cant fool daisy but you can fool the hunters, the trick is to alternate between footprints and sneaking, if the hunters cant find you they will return to daisy, make them think you are right in front of them. Lead a path straight to water but don’t go across make it look like you did and sneak in another direction, leave footprints and take increased smell so you can see the moment the trapper splits from daisy and trys to cut you off, from there you can either get the trapper or take out daisy, either is valid.