Aviary map - needs changes really

yellow cicles are griffin’s cholesterol

tell me how the monster is supposed to get past stage1 in aviary.

everyone i’ve seen play monster including myself has gone outside to get near to stage 2 and then come back in through the north entrance.

so how exactly is a monster even supposed to escape griffin in this map? or any of the trackers…

just domed a wraith three times in as many minutes…

Are you kidding? Okay press strg/ctrl and go through a door.


And? That’s Griffin’s specialty, and a really good Griffin strategy. You always know which way the monster is going no matter what. That’s also not the only map you can do this on. Ever play Barracks?

When I play against Griffen, I always try to lead them one direction and go the other.
Gives me a chance to get a big meal.
Also, just sneak buddy. Not that hard. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh i do that. it’s just that even without using my sensor spikes i domed this guy twice because i knew where he’d go.

another one is to launch a dome around the south side entrance on the map. the monster will either be trapped in the dome or have to go all the way back to where he came from; IE you know where he is again.


How to escape Griffin, on any map in 1 simple step: sneak!

Sneaking does not trigger the sound spikes, so no issues getting through the areas

Then go where you would least expect to go. :stuck_out_tongue:

but they’d be expecting that.

so i’d actually have to go to the obvious place because i know they know i know

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I’ve not read much about the game just played it, but i’ve read about the characters etc, i know the wikia isn’t complete yet.

Some stuff you mention i’ve not heard of, Griffin’s cholesterol?

Thanks, DC.

But I know that you know that I know that he knows that she knows that’s where you would go.
I’m confused. :laughing:

griffin gains weight when he sets a sound spike. if you look at him when he has 5 out he’s actually like 40st

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Avnas, just sneak.

lol thanks avnas.

Sneak and if you find a sensor, you can break it :smile:

Sounds spikes don’t work if you sneak but yeah that map can’t be a b$@#%. I go to the side with more than 2 doorways first that helps a little

Where did you get that minimap ? I’ve been searching for it but i can’t get any minimap ! (i mean out game, i want to have minimaps right now for exemple, don’t tell me press tab ^^)

Yeah sound spike pick up sneaking monsters now

But only if its within a VERY close range. A sneaking monster can find a sensor with smell and still be outside its sneak-detect range.

Trueabout the sound but this map is so easy to control for hunter it’s not even fun to play on.

As a Griffin main, and top 10 Griffins XB1, besides about two of those I would move to make a better grid (and the fact the range is much much larger now) I see a lot of monsters go into that top right back area while I set up spikes. And if he doesn’t startle birds, odds are he will get stage 2 before I have 3 spikes up. Or I can chase him in and not get as great of spike coverage. But trust me, you aren’t scrwwed as the monster.