Average Monster's Thoughts so far


I’ve played a decent amount of matches, both Evacs and Skirmishes, and usually go monster. I’d like to think I’m of average skill - usually 3-2 or 2-3 in Evacs, low/mid hundreds on the boards. Thoughts on the game so far:

-Banshee on Day 5 in Evac is pretty much a win for me. I feel sorry for the hunters, it’s so bad. Once I went as Goliath because I was feeling sorry for them, but lost. Now I’m usually so frustrated by Lazarus + Nest that I take Banshee and enjoy smiting them. Which leads to #2:
-Lazarus is OP. How do I know? He’s the only medic I’ve seen in Evac, and pretty much the only one for the past day that I’ve seen in game at all. I think I saw one Val in a skirmish, probably grinding to get to Laz. He’s also incredibly frustrating to play against. These days, I usually end up going Banshee and camping the body from afar, not very fun. Definitely the top reason I take a break from monstering to play as a Hunter. My guess on how to balance it is probably something like not ignoring strikes with his rez, and having a dead body rez give two strikes.
-I must be doing something wrong, but Nest matches are almost always a Hunter win. My next try I’m going to hatch every egg, maybe that will work? I think the monster should start at stage 2 on these maps.
-I would say something about Rescue maps, but I’ve only done 1. Everyone votes them off the island because (A) Nest = Win, and (B) Survivor AI is so bad. Maybe allow someone to take control of a survivor, leaving a bot in their player position until they get done? And only do one survivor at a time?
-In average land, Wraiths are squishy fodder. Haven’t seen one win or won as them the few times I tried.

On the monsters:
-Banshee’s Aftershock is such a never-take. I read that maybe you can dive-bomb with it? I would think that it should’ve just been like the Wraith’s Warp Blast.
-On Wraith: Very steep learning curve on these abilities - the targeting of his “skillshots” Abduction and Warp Blast is frustrating when you get hung up on the lip of a ledge, and then have to run away and wait for the cooldown to come back up. Maybe make them easier to use or cancel? It’s hard to tell where the Supernova boundary is, and it just doesn’t feel like I do enough damage in it before I have to run away because I’m getting pounded.
If I could re-work the two, I’d give a version of Warp Blast to the Banshee, replace WB on the Wraith and give the Wraith an ability that “sucks” in nearby hunters and them “shocks” them to the ground near him (giving synergy with Supernova), and then if the Wraith warps out of a Supernova, he goes into stealth (can only happen once or on a cd).
-Goliath is fun, definitely still iconic, but feels like so many hunters counter him too strongly. Feels like everyone has learned to take him down now - have to have a team of hunters that makes several mistakes to get the win. Any time I get in a good kill on a hunter with him, Laz just comes by and rezzes. So annoying. I’ve dropped like 300 in my goliath rating since yesterday due to Laz. Huzzah. I’d say give Goliath a visual on the “time left to Laz rez” - or make it easier to beat on incaps? I would think the second would unbalance things… I don’t know, but it definitely takes the fun out when Laz rezzes the entire team twice over, and they’re all back to full fighting again.

Whelp, that’s my $0.02, do with it as you will, TR.


Sounds like you need to try and focus Laz more? Fortunately he can’t use the revivifier on himself :smiley: any strike on him will be permanent, don’t forget. (Unless they have medbays but that’s very rare overall) Make sure to use flamebreath on him as often as possible as it will reveal him in stealth.