Average damage outputs?


I’m just curious as to what the average damage output for assaults/supports is. I don’t really trust the in game averages as they seem way too low. Whenever I play assault I main Parnell and I’ve been getting around 25k consistently. Also I’ve been playing bucket a lot and I normally get around 15-18k damage with him.


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So here is the thread where sometimes the Devs are angels and post various telemetry data from the game:

If their name is highlighted in orange that means they work at TRS, so you can scroll and find those posts.

Also, for more in-depth Hunter numbers you can check out threads by @The_Mastermind, he’s like the resident “number guy.” Him and a few others compile specific data for the characters after each new title update for the game.

Here’s the one for Parnell


Oh cool thanks


Question answered.