Avengers Infinity War


‘Insert Scary Movie 1 sex scene climax gif’


I just want it to be better than Avengers, Age Of Ultron and Civil War.


Those were already good mate. Civil War more so, but I’m sure It’ll be better.


That’s what I am saying ! They were already good, make something better than these if you dare !


Oh ok, good. Thought this was going to be another bash on Age of Ultron/Civil War thing. Getting a little sick of that. Glad someone else enjoyed them!


Dude, are you kidding, I loved Civil War AND Age Of Ultron.

The former because of the talk scene between everyone after Ross stops by and the latter mostly cause they tackled a lot of psychological layers of the characters, something that went over A LOT of people’s heads. AoU is the reason I love Whedon.


Now this, is gonna be amazing.


Finally! I’m not alone.

Hawkeye is a bad ass though.


BTW, Thanos looked awesome. The only thing more intimidating than Stone Cold Steve Austin is Stone Cold Steve Austin from space. It also seems that Josh Brolin put a lot of emotion into his smirks.

Helmet made him look a bit dorky. Its’ absence makes him look much more sagacious and menacing. I’ve never seen a king who goes to battle in the same clothes he wears in his throne room.


I got the impression that this was his casual wear. This fight isn’t worth all the glamour of his crown and fancy armour.
Maybe we’ll see his full outfit if the next Avengers film is with him having all the infinity stones.


I have a theory that I’m predicting Super Hero movies will start to decline in popularity after this movie. There is a sort of general consensus that these movies aren’t bad, but they are kinda… samey. In that lieu there is just a HUGE saturation of super hero movies on the market. I think that people put up with it in the beginning because it was new and there were after movie teasers leading to The Avengers. Then the Avengers post movie scene with Thanos. This movie will finally link ALL of these together. After that, unless the post credits scene (Or the movie in general) doesn’t lead up to something really amazing, I think this is where a good many people will disembark. It’s like watching a movie that kinda holds your attention but you’re just watching it to see the ending. I think unless they do something really crazy, this ending will be enough of a conclusion and the super hero fatigue will take over.

Just my theory anyway :slight_smile:


The really mind blowing thing for me here is there are a ton of A list actors in this movie, the budget must be absolutely insane

I wish DC would follow in Marvels foot steps for cinema but they just cant get it completely put together. It’s always a “so close” feeling


They also don’t seem to realize that throwing a team movie together without building up the members individually, doesn’t actually make it good. Marvel took its time, building up each member with one or two movies, then brought them together. DC needs to start over from the beginning, bring out a few individual stories, then bring them together after some build up. They also need to hire some better writers/directors/planners.

Marvel had nearly everything planned out from the begining, and took the time to carefully craft everything. Whoever is manning the DCEU needs to stop trying to play catchup and slow it down a bit. Don’t throw out one solo movie, then a crossover, then a villain team up, then another solo, then a hero team up, then possibly another villain team up.


I am also on that page. Mainly because I like things that end and come full circle. I won’t mind the next phases but I won’t be 100% interested on them either like I would be for a pre Infinity War movie.


The new design looks awful


multiverse man… all different timelines… :slight_smile:


Could I get the timeline where it doesn’t look like Playdo tried to make a beard? :smiley:


I actually like the new design. Despite his lack of glowing eyes, I think he looks fine. I also love how realistic he looks, seriously, he looks like he’s fucking real. I also like the fact that he’s wearing practically nothing to fight with the Avengers. Shows how little he thinks of them if he won’t even don his armor to fight them.


So in the multivers perspective i understand its like every film its gone back in time… so hes younger and weaker and has less op armor… right… idk grabbin at straws here…


It isn’t a multiverse thing going on here, just a retcon of his appearance. The one from guardians and from the previous credits scenes are in the past. The recent one is the current look for Thanos. They were just fiddling with his design and tweaking it to look how they wanted. All the movies take place in one universe, one timeline. It’s part of the marvel multiverse, but the different appearances are the same Thanos.