Avengers Infinity War


Holy shit, I can’t believe it’s finally here. I utterly failed at getting that gif of the leaked trailer to work for you guys, but fear not! I bring the official trailer for all to enjoy instead.




Strongly debating about just waiting for the second one to come out and watch the first before the second so I don’t have to wait a year+ for the next one in the saga…


Well, we do have a few movies between Infinity War and Avengers 4, so It might not just be a straight jump from one to the other. Unlike the last two Harry Potter movies, which were back to back.


Depends on how it ends. Is it a cliffhanger or is it everyone goes away beaten/needing to find the (Mcguffins) to defeat Thanos. I could see both, with the likelier be the latter, but still. Some of the other movies might also be origin ones since that is popular these days as well.


I have heard that the 4th movie isn’t Infinity War Part 2. So either this will be one self contained movie or they are just being technical.


It could also just be that Thanos shows up, wrecks Vision, gets the Infinity stones he needs and then leaves because he doesn’t care for us anymore and then the other movies are about Thanos ‘ruling’ the universe and slowly building up to beat him later on. That being said, it’s been 10 years since we Saw Thanos (Didn’t he look more… purple and less pink in the original teasers?) and I don’t feel like waiting 10 more for the end of that arc :stuck_out_tongue:


We did see him in the first Guardians movie and in an end credits scene so It hadn’t been that long. :wink:


Well, the first Avengers movie had him teased and that was 5 years ago.


Literal goose bumps. This is what DC is missing. They’ve built all these characters up, they’ve given me a reason to care and now that Infinity Wars is here, I actually feel like the characters are at risk, and that some can die. Super excited to see the pay off of this culmination of Marvel Movies :smiley:

Pretty sure Infinity Wars Part II was confirmed when Part I was announced?


I feel that Vision and Iron Man are up on the chopping block. Mostly because I know Downy Jr. has been wanting out for a while and Vision because well… His head has the gemstone. I can see Iron Man and Cpt. America coming back together and Iron Man saying he was wrong about Cpt. America’s choice and that he should lead the avengers as he is dying/hospital etc… I could see Loki biting it as well, unless there is a large story arc with him planned in the future. It could give some semblance for Thor to finally step up in his role as leader.

We didn’t see Hawkeye so I’m not sure if he’s even in the trailer (If he was I didn’t notice and I don’t feel like rewatching to find out) But I wish Black Widow would bite it. She just doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the ‘super heroes’ and I don’t really care for her as an actress.

We can be fairly certain that Ant-Man and Spider-Man are both safe as they have movies coming out after this one. I know that Guardians of the Galaxy 3 will conclude that entire arc, so having a movie without 1 or more of them is possible so they aren’t really safe either.

And face it, it’s Joss Whedon. I feel that there will be 2-5 deaths.

They went back saying that it’s not got a name yet and that it will be very different than the other Avenger movies. Maybe passing the torch to another group?


What Cow said. It changed afterwards so it will probably be the passing of the torch.
Spiderman is leading the charge with his sequel after Avengers 4 so I think he will be the main star (rightfully so) for a while.
I am also excited for Captain Marvel and how they continue Strange’s, Panther’s, and Ant Man’s stories.
Maybe Falcon will take over the role of Captain America? (Or Bucky steps up)


Definitely Iron Man will be going I think. Although I like to think that he might not need to die - maybe he’ll pass the mantle onto someone else?

Not sure about Vision, but I don’t think he needs the mindstone to survive? He’ll just be weak without it. And I’m sure he’ll get it back once Thanos is defeated, unless the infinity stones get destroyed.

Maybe gone back into retirement? Kind of hope so. I like him, but it’s good to keep moving some character out, so that others can come in - and not having everyone who leaves the Avengers do so because of death is nice.

Intriguing. Either way, super hyped about this film and the future.

He’s growing on me, but I don’t feel his character has as much depth as most of the others. I feel a bit forced fed with him “hey look we managed to get spiderman into a marvel film, you should appreciate how amazing he is yay”, and I’m just not feeling it yet. Enjoyed homecoming, but Andrew Garfield is still my Spiderman.

Yeah! Super excited for all of these except Ant Man, that film didn’t really do it for me :disappointed_relieved:


Hey yo, calling it right here that Black Widow dies and Banner goes Planet Hulk world breaker because of it.

Also, there’s no way in hell a movie that’s been hyped for 10 years could live up to it. I mean the best it can hope to be is good. I’m still hyped even though I know this. It’s not even the movies fault, it’s marketing.


On a scale of 1 to 10…I’m fuckin’ ready.


Sir, that’s not on the scale.


That’s the point sargent.



cute smack table

This gonna be soooooooooooo goooooood


I’m too ready to give a fuck.