Avengers: Endgame - Discussion (Warning here be spoilers)


I had to look it up on my phone after the movie to figure out who that was. lol

Also I have noticed that no one is really talking about this. Loki escaped with the tezzerect thanks to Tony and Scott. That leaves any future movies open for his return.

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The one thing I pretty much didn’t liked about both movies is how the writers wasted the Black Order… these villains had so much potential, especially Ebony Maw and they end up being cannon fodder.

I know they really couldn’t afford to develop these villains, but I kinda wish that they would’ve used other generic villains instead of using them just to show how strong the Avengers are.

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They were straight up wiped out in this movie. That goblin dude with the spear was killed so easily by Panthers body guard (don’t remember her name) that either Black Widow went easy on him in the last movie or that lady is just that much more of a bad ass then Natasha ever was.

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I keep on thinking that the movie before the next movie will have the last Stan Lee cameo but then he keeps appearing… I’m not complaining it’s just something I keep never expecting and I get slightly sad seeing him.

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I’m pretty sure this was his last one sadly.

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Yeah unless they do CGI or something like that.


I really hope not. Just wouldn’t be right.


Yeah I agree but he’s become so prevalent as a cameo they might be considering it.


They returned the stones to the point in time they were taken, so technically that erases any damage they caused according to the shitty plot hole filling they tried to do.

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Na. Bald lady explains it. Multiverse baby! They returned the tezzeract back to the 70s. So it then made it back to NYC Loki invasion and then they bung that up and Loki escapes making a new time line.

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My man is not a name guy.


I barely remember my families names. Lol no lie some of my aunts, uncles and cousins. I have no idea what their names are and it’s been so long now I’m too afraid to ask.


That’s a whole new level of bad memory, my guy o.o

Like… I have a pretty large family that’s still growing and expanding and I know all of their names lmfao


I want to know where Valkyrie was stashing that horse :thinking:

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So Sam is the new Captain America
Peter is taking on the pillar that Tony had
Thor is going off to space so I guess Carol will take that pillar?
I’m waiting right now for Marvel to come out with the official phase 4 list. The this image of Phase 4, I want to see what movies are coming out in what order.


I’m shit with names. I remember numbers and patterns easily. I can remember names better if they are written down but names are not my Forte.

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I’m only angry because it makes no sense. Time travelling logic I mean, it is a very finite and strong ending for each if them, if only it made sense. If Cap lived through all the time he missed he would have fundamentally changed the future, he may even have kids, what happened with Cap makes no sense.


It’s a nice idea that each is sort of a pillar or slot that needs to be refilled.
I guess Science Wizard: Ironman to Spider-man
Power House: Thor to (in the comics it would be to Thor Female) Captain Marvel
The Captain: Cap Am to The Falcon, but he changes his name.
And the Monster? Hulk to Ant-Man? Idk.

As far as I know right now the list is this: SM2, GoG 3, DS 2, BW, BP 2, AM 3, CM 2, and probably MoonKnight at the end. And that starts very soon, because Spider-Man is in…July?

Also we have those Fox X-Men movies, Dark Phoenix, New Mutants, Deadpool 3 and finally Gambit.

(Mind the Sony Spider-Man spin-offs, Venom, Morbius, Venom 2/Carnage, and that 3rd unnamed movie that may never see the light of day. )

Then eventually the reintegration of the X-Men and Fantastic 4 into the MCU in the toward the end of whatever this next wave is named.

After that, I am not pretty sure about what happens, there is probably going to be a Namor as a villain movie, probably in the Fantastic 4. Maybe a She Hulk movie because it would be good to add some more femme power. And probably Nova or Kamala Khan being introduced officially as characters without their own movies a la Vision and Scarlett Witch.

I doubt they would take a bet on Daredevil or Jessica Jones or anybody on Netflix or whoever has had a movie like Ghost Rider again.


The thing is, they treated “time travel” the same way the anime “Future Diary” did. Every time they traveled to the past, they created a new timeline (like a new universe), another universe where their actions wouldn’t affect their present, it would only affect that universe they went to.

So right now, there’s a universe where Loki escaped the Avengers with the space stone and another one where Thanos and his army just disappeared because they traveled to the timeline where he wiped half the universe and died.

Captain America went to the past and he decided to spent some time with Peggy (while the other Steve Rogers was frozen) and then came back.

It’s kind of disturbing though, Peter Quill is trying to make Gamora from the past to fall in love with him again, while the carcass of the original Gamora is still on Vormir (maybe this will be a plot point in the next GOTG movie).

Nevertheless, this is how I think time travel works in the Avenger’s universe, if I understood what Tony and Bruce said correctly.


What I understood was once the stone were all put back into place the alternate realities get deleted. The issue is that no matter how you logic it out, Steve Rodgers lived through the years he originally missed in order to live life the way he was supposed to if he didn’t crash land in the Arctic or wherever. This creates a fundamental contradiction in the logic of the film’s, he already saw Peggy die and she had kids and she missed however many years without Cap. Well if Cap deleted all alternate timelines then he should be in the present as a young man, not as an old man, because he cannot change the past…yet some how he managed to live in the past? You can’t retcon your life and fundamentally change nothing about the world. The ending makes no sense. I mean Stark’s ending sacrifice makes sense. But Cap, given a happy ending, broke the film.

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