Avengers: Age of Ultron


Didn’t see another topic for it, so ya… HYPE! Very excited to see it tonight; here’s hoping it can live up to The Avengers, aka the best superhero movie of all time (though X-Men First Class comes in close contention).


Judging from the trailer, it’s going to be a giant flopp. Why would they not have Batman in it!?

I might watch it when it come to nettflix, but it’s mostly because I haven’t come around to watch any of the other movies in the franchise yet, more than anything. :stuck_out_tongue:


Because Batman belong too DC, not marvel ^^


Well ya, if you haven’t seen any of the others then you’re not going to enjoy yourself; its a movie that is built from the ground up with fan service in mind.

… Batman’s not in it because he’s not marvel, not an avenger, and is a brooding anti-hero; we in the up-beat world of avengers have no time for such angst!


I really want to see it too, it looks incredible.
Hopefully I can find time to go see it next week.


i watched it last weekend and i would rate it 11/10 i personally liked it better then the first avenger but i didnt watch any trailers to it because i knew it would ruin it so i would suggest not watching a trailer ^^


Batman is the hero Marvel need, but not the one it deserve right now.

I switched it on purpose.


No Batman?


Marvel have Tony Stark, all they need.


You can never have enough of batman.
Batman have his place everywhere.

In fact, let me further de-rail this thread with more Batman:


Oh I think you’re gonna love it.
Has already seen it because Europe


I 2 will be enjoying this flick in the evening of tonight. :grin:


Already saw it last weekend :smiley:
Was really good.

Wait for the zucchini :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey now. :wink:


Tell me this, does anyone actually die?
Don’t dare tell me who, just tell me if one of the main characters die.


We really shouldn’t say anything, that’d ruin it! :C
@Pofski should message you to prevent anything :3


Do ppl really die in comic movies they will just bring them back some how.


I wouldn’t be suprised if Nick Fury could be caught in a nuclear blast and still survive. :confused:


have to say I was really disappointed with this movie.

here’s my synopsis

fight…long period of boredom…fight…long period of boredom…final fight.

yeah, I would find it difficult to recommend this movie.


Batman is a character from DC, a completely different company… So maybe that’s the reason… they don’t own the character…

There is one other movie, and you should watch it! I believe it is on Netflix!