Available Hunters/Monsters in Big Alpha


Will we get to choose between all of the announced monsters and hunters? Will it be like last alpha where we only had one option per class? If so, which hunter/monster do we get to play as?


Well the trailer showed tier 1 an 2 so theres a high chance it will have both :slight_smile: i dont see why they wouldnt


I’m assuming we’ll get both tier 1 and 2.


I agree. Only tier 1 and 2


With the above, I believe it will also be tier 1 and 2.

After all, in the Alpha trailer it would be a bit odd to show the tier 2 Hunters/Monster if it was meant to advertise the Alpha!


I agree that it will likely be tiers 1 and 2, along with the Fusion Plant, Dam, and Distillery. Basically all we have seen so far. I wouldn’t expect any major reveals within.


Im more intrested in what maps we are gonna be able to play on.


I am also interested in maps.

Can we get official confirmation though? @DamJess? What do we get to play with on Halloween?


Let me check and see what details we are allowed to share at this time and get back to you.


I still believe that we’ll have a major announcement before the Big Alpha, not sure if it’ll be monster, hunters, or both, but I’d think they’ll give us something else to test and play around with.

At least I hope so.


I can already sense a new map for the alpha. :smiley: (creepy)


DamJess’s response makes me think that there is something coming. Maybe I’m reading into things though. I’ll put my tin foil away before I get carried away


In the big alpha trailer they show a new jungle map so we might be getting that for the big alpha


New jungle map? Are you sure that wasn’t just Fusion Plant?


Lol It might have been but look at 1:00. It kinda looks different then fusion plant…@DamJess can u confirm if it’s fusion plant?


I’m pretty sure that is the fusion plant. Though at those angles, it is hard to say if it could be new or not. I wouldn’t get hopes too high though.


Yep, though it seems to be a lot brighter than usual.


yeah i think it isnt fusion plant


Yea gotta say that looks too bright to be Fusion Plant. Though I am no expert on Fusion Plant, the glimpse of scenery at 1:02 does not ring any bells for what area of the map it could be if it was Fusion Plant, Thanks for pointing that out and hopefully we get to play an extra unannounced map during the alpha!


All announcements are planned so far in advance I can’t see how Jess can reveal anything new to us in response to a question on the forum without ruining any planned reveals. Would love to eat my own words though lol