Automatic Melee Removed?


I took a hiatus off Evolve and now that im back ive noticed that I can no longer hold down the melee button to continuisly attack. Is this a glitch or is this a new feature in evolve I was unaware of?


Hmm, I actually don’t know.

I got the game in February but as far as I knew I spammed the melee button instead of holding it down


I had this game since launch and never knew you could hold it down lol


I… I don’t think there was ever a time where you could just hold down the melee button to continuously attack. Not even in the big alpha.


some kind of option?


I dont know i feel it may have been. I talked to two other friends of mine that used to play evolve and they said yeah you can hold it down and they got confused when i said you cant anymore. I play on ps4 btw so when i mean hold it down i mean hoding down right trigger to continuisly melee


Sorry about spelling im on my phone


Auto attacks have never been a feature.


Yeah, I think you may be confused with something else.


not auto attacking just not having to press melee on ps4 everytime i wanted to melee. just hold down the trigger and I will melee until its released. It still works on wraiths ultimate but not everything else.


Ive been playing since beta- And since Ive been playing melees have never been on automatic.

It was actually an initial complaint of mine DURING The beta that i had to click-spam the melees.

(I play on PC and PS4 btw- I caught Evolve on PC the day it came out, and PS4 within the first month it was out)


Never was able to do this. Also on ps4.


I think it may have been a thing that you could do while standing over a downed hunter although im not sure if it is or was a thing you can do.


Couldn’t reply to this last night but yeah it’s never been automatic.


okay well then maybe me and my friends remembered wrong? its just strange becuase the wraiths supernova allows you to do it still. Thanks I guess, now im sad my memories promised confusion for all