Autobalancer ruins Evacuation


Playing evacuation is quickly becoming annoying, with the auto balancer being the main issue. If you manage to win all 4 games leading up to defend good luck when the other player does what feels like triple damage and feel like they’re being rewarded more for not being as good.

On top of that many of the map effects are next to useless or have no significant impact on the next match so the winner gets shafted alot of the time while the loser gets rewarded.

Not doing as well should be teaching players to play better and smarter not babying them because they are not as good as others

I get the idea is to not let it be a steamroll but it makes it unrewarding and not as fun for people who are actually good at the game


Very true. However, I find that Autobalancer kicks in a lot sooner than the final round really. The fourth round is where I consistently have trouble if I’m doing extremely well against a group. Not only does autobalancer really go overboard, but then they have a bonus on that final mission, and guess what, autobalancer only goes down one level. Seriously? I think in combination with momentum alone, a total reset of the autobalance would make things a lot more competitive.

If this game were to have a tournament for Evolve as it stands, both sides would be trying to milk a autobalance in their favor so that they could then proceed to win the final maps and be declared the victors no matter the outcome of the other maps.


Exactly it shouldn’t continue to stack up it should reset as soon as they win especially with how easy it makes it for the 4th round which is arguably the most important since it decides whether your minions have armor or if the defence turrets do more damage.

On top of this many of the map effects are next to useless as I previously mentioned like the one that makes phantoms appear. They’re either incredibly easy to aovid or they don’t appear in the numbers the cinematic woudl indicate


I was playing evac earlier with 4 wins in a row. Then on the last day, no matter any abducts or blasting in, I simply couldn’t hurt the hunters. A level 3 supernova felt like being a reaver and napalm grenades felt like rockets.