Autobalance needs to be tweaked


Since the new patch came out for the PC, in my experience it has been much harder to find an evac campaign isn’t completely one sided over the course of an entire campaign (for both pvp and pvc). It may not have to do with the patch but the quality of players these days and the fact that the computer controlled monsters just aren’t smart enough. The reason I think the autobalance should be tweaked is no-one likes winning every single time without any trouble or losing every single time with no chance of winning. I think the autobalance effect should be so strong as to make it practically impossible by the time you get to 4 wins in a row instead of the way it is now.

I don’t really know all the things that autobalance effects but if just messing with damage output isn’t enough, maybe other hunter/monster specific auto-balancing needs to happen once you reach a higher amount of wins or loses in a row (e.g. reduced smell distance, longer times between item or skill usage, etc.)


Considerimg absurd damage resistance it gives if you don’t win at three your def not going to win. (I exclude defence here as it is beyond imbalanced). Being at three is pretty much a free armadon and sloth, which you can stack on said buffs. That’s some crazy stuff as is. It should probably strengthen more based on how hard the wins are. I don’t wan’t to see even stronger caps though, you can combo all day on +4’s without making real headway.

Scaling on how hard you win would prevent teams getting ground up till they have a chance. Like stage 1 hunt win without health dmg give two or three autobalance to hunters.


Yea I like that suggestion about increased autobalance for totally one sided matches. Either way I think some creative tweaks to the autobalance could make the game more enjoyable