Auto-tagging no longer works on mobile?


I can no longer type a short version of the user’s name and come up!
Now I have to type the whole name, and makes it difficult If you don’t remember names correctly.
Ex. I’ll type @10shred and nothing else will come up, I expect @10shredder00 to come up.

Can't Create new Messages (Can't add user) [Mobile]
Can't Create new Messages (Can't add user) [Mobile]
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I thought it was just me. The emoji menu is also not popping up.


I get this as well on mobile also I’m honored that you used me as an example.


It seems to be working fine for me. :confused:



Just posted this on mobile and it worked.
I have an iPhone 5s using the Safari browser.


I’ve got a samsung galaxy s5 by the way. Using the default browser (not chrome).


Yeah, sometimes this happens to me. Lately though, it hasn’t. Note 4 using dolphin browser by the way.


@Bot can you merge my post on this, just my post, over here?


It’s that simple. I can’t. Whenever I try to use the @ to tag someone it does nothing. No list pops up or anything.


Me moved it, me good.


This also happens on android chrome


That’s what I’m using. It might just be an issue with Chrome.


Any updates? Who exactly do I tag for the forum Dev?


Let’s try @Sam and go from there.


If not him then CH or Tech will help.


It’s almost been a week, any update?


Accidentally reposted this thread today and also intended on using you as an example.

You should ask a special title for being popular, haha


Doesn’t work for me either


Wait so I am actually semi-popular on these forums O-o

When did this happen? I mean I’ve been here like a year but still :stuck_out_tongue:


I mean, you post often and you’ve generally got well-thought opinions. People start to notice reasonable people and then see them more once they know to look for them.