Auto-correct annoyance Android

Does anyone else experience really frustrating auto-correcting within this forum?

I’m using an Android LG G3 with the standard keyboard.

Only on this forum, when I backspace to revise a word, the last letter of a word won’t be deleted. Instead, auto-correct will add the previous word spelt out in full to the end of the word. If I continue backspacing, once I reach the last letter of the original word I’m trying to delete, the next previous word in the sentence will be automatically spelt out in full at the end of my word. This will continue if I keep backspacing until I click elsewhere and come back to the word again.

It’s hard to explain… and it doesn’t happen all the time either. I know I have to misspell a word and immediately try to correct it for the problem to start.

Oh my god yes. Finally someone to share my pain. :cry:

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What the duck are you talking about?

I really can’t explain it any better, sorry. I’ll write up an example. @midnightroses could you try this out and see if it replicates the problem on your own phone?

Original sentence: I like playing evolve.

I try to delete the period immediately after typing it and I get this:

I like playing evolveevolve

I don’t know… I just tried doing that a second time and I can’t get it to repeat the word evolve again. Not quite sure what does it. I thought I had it there. So it replaced the deleted period with the word evolve. If I keep deleting letters, it may put, “I like playing evolveplaying”.

And I’ve never experienced this on any app or in text messages. This has always happened on this forum going back to the launch of Evolve when I first started replying here.

I didn’t get it this time.

But I have gotten that before.

Hold up.

Shrug. Seems to happen when I type as fast as I can then just delete a word or two from the end of the sentence. Sometimes just a single letter or the period from the end.

This is a testtest

This is a tesa

This is a teis

This is a tThus

This is testst

And now I can delete all the words. That was me typing this is a test, then saving each version of the auto-correct error when I backspaced further into the sentence. I was actually able to hit return, and retype This is a test. Then delete through each one with the same problem.

Lol… This has gotten out of hand. I’ll just leave this for the forum creators to take a look at. Its a minor annoyance.

Kay, whenever I get autocorrected it’s not like that, it’s just…Random words.

It turned “companion” into “lover” and other things into words I’ll not repeat. :stuck_out_tongue:

So I guess I can’t help you there.