Auto-Balance Not Working Properly


I’m not sure how all the internal code is laid out as far as what each pip on the auto balance does. I know the intent of the system is to keep the war competitive in evacuation and prevent either side from being steamrolled. However, I feel the system punishes a winning team in the final 2 rounds of evacuation. If one side wins the first 3 matches they have a majority of auto balance pips against them. Now if they lose that 4th round which seems to happen a lot then they go into the final defend round with 2 auto balance pips and the environmental bonus. This is even worse if one team goes 4-0 on the first 4 rounds as now they have maximum stat buff going for them in the final round. If the 3-1 or 4-0 team loses round 5 then they lose the campaign as a whole. When being highly successful for 4/5 of the campaign and then having to fight a massive uphill battle with a very short time limit it can be very difficult to either survive the monster onslaught or destroy the ship.

I think that auto-balance should be tweaked in some manner to better keep balance than a straight stat buff as this can be exploited by throwing the first couple matches to receive the super stat buff in the 4th round and carrying it into the final mission. It may even be better to remove the system as a whole and force better development of skill in the game since the system is so easily exploited by a smart player.

Enjoying Evolve overall, but I do think that the auto balance is detracting from the experience evacuation is trying to provide.