Auto aim on consoles


So we go from super heavy auto aim that is aim bot like to having absolutely none. I understand why it was done but the nerf hammer might have hit it a little to hard. Even FPS war games have auto aim for consoles it’s just a harder input to use. Why did they completely remove it it what I’m wondering.


It was being exploited, it is still there for non-damage weapons though like Tranqs and Griffin’s harpoon. Honestly, the damage a team of hunters could do with it was crazy. I am glad it’s gone.


I think it should be there just not nearly as much


Meh. People should try playing without auto aim. You get used to it eventually, and it’s way more fun to land crazy shots. Especially on Val.


Hilarious… the first thing i did on DAY 1 was try and turn off auto aim. There wasn’t even an option, for a game aiming at the competitive level… this was overly disappointing!


There was definitely an option to turn off auto aim, I used it.


Honestly, you don’t need it. Monsters are big enough as it is, no one should have much trouble hitting them, even on consoles. I would much rather them fully remove it than to let it be exploited like it was.


I turned off aim assist a long time ago knowing this would happen and I’m glad I did it and I’m glad it happened the way it did. There are teams I want to fight now, knowing that they used auto-aim.


Sounds good to me

A person good at FPS doesn’t need auto aim


Battle for Proving Ground

My head…


I’ve experimented with it a lot in past games and in my experience it is mainly close quarters battles where you need aim assist as a controller does not allow for consistently quick and precise aiming. That’s why consoles close quarters battles can be a bit sloppy.

At mid range and longer in a game like Battlefield 3 I felt it was better to have aim assist off.

I don’t think the L4D games had it. A lot of games have taken the CoD approach though and players don’t even realise that the game is aiming for them.

I think the solution is to have some very soft sticking when you aim onto a target, limit the range to close quarters, and have a cooldown. I’m not a big fan of slowing the reticle as this essentially introduces a third sensitivity and messes up your muscle memory.


Wow, pretty embarrassing.

RTLTRTLTRTLRT Simulator. Can’t imagine playing like this.


I am in favor, honestly. It rewards skill and punishes lack of aim. As someone who used to turn off auto-aim whenever possible - Awesome.


Wow… ew. Just… no.


It;s not hard to adapt without auto aim. Plus your target is a gigantic monster. :stuck_out_tongue:


I played BF3 and BF4 on PC with Gamepad. The first time it was hard against mouse and keyboard players. But you need to train your aiming with a gamepad. When you turn auto aim on what is the point to play the game. You want to play the game, not the aimbot.

You will be so much better when you learn how to play with a gamepad without autoaim.

If TRS make: Deadzone, Acceleration and Sensivity configurable you can beat everything with gamepad. At the moment its a little bit harder cause the bad Deadzone and Acceleration.


I don’t want to be bad toward you but man, learn to aim. On PS4/One, the gamepads are awesome with good joysticks without dead zone. They are really precise for aiming, you really don’t need aim assist at all.

And yes other FPS have aim assist (BF/COD) and it’s a big problem, cause their aa is like an aimbot. I have played all those fps on consoles without aim assist and i’m able to outplay players playing with it (finishing in top 3 in BFH PS4 in almost every games now, was the same for BF3 and BF4 on PS3 with bad controllers).

Console gamers should learn to play without aim assist. The skill gap between bad/average/good/awesome players would be more visible.

@TatzyXY <3


Auto aim is garbage and was just a pain for any monster player. No wonder why Parnell had a huge success on consoles but not on PC. I bet you were heavily dependent on this cheap tactic if you decided to start a thread about it.


no I play trapper so I worry more about cc but I realized quickly that the assaults weren’t dealing as much damage and I was wondering what people thought about it


Good lord, who the hell did this?