Australian Servers are Empty


And it saddens me :frowning:


How empty? :cry:


I’ve been playing customs mostly, haven’t done much MM. Every time I’ve played on Australian servers, we tend to lag.


Was a very slow weekend considering there was a skin challenge going on. Found it hard to get a full group for a pub, let alone a group of 5 to custom.


pc? or console?


I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and say he means PC.


I ditched the Aus community for LA servers a month ago. You get games instantly most times of day. Monster play is harder if you are not wraith/behemoth. Playing hunter does not feel too laggy, although some monster attacks occasionally hit even though you dodge it. Good enough for matchmaking, probably not for more serious play.


Yeah i play on Australian. Its dead. Titanfall have more players on Australian servers. Now we must lag :frowning:


@ToiletWraith He’s a pc player.


I thought as much.


Might have to check this out so called magic land of LA where gamers are a plenty, see if its playable for me.


sadness man sadness :cry: hope you dont quit.


Haha, you’re going to run into a higher proportion of good monster players there. I’m saying it’s not magic, but you’ll get a game.