Australia/New Zealand Steam pricing - not acceptable


Not only are we paying more than our US counterparts for Evolve on Steam (and also on GreenManGaming), we’re also still paying in US dollars. This means we’re getting stung twice - once by 2K/TRS and once by our banks, Paypal, etc with the exchange rate and currency conversion fees.

US Steam prices:
Basic: US$59.99
Digital Deluxe: US$79.99
PC Monster Race: US$99.99

AU/NZ Steam prices:
Basic: US$79.99
Digital Deluxe: US$107.99
PC Monster Race: US$134.99

At this point I have two questions.

  1. Did you have any control over pricing?
  2. If you did, why did you not advocate for fair pricing in AU/NZ? Given your previous history with Valve (who don’t have AU/NZ specific pricing on their titles), I would’ve thought you would’ve been more sensitive to that point.


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