August Daily Punch Card - Missing Award Icons


The Daily Sign In punch card for August is full but some icons aren’t loading. I haven’t had the time to look into why they aren’t loading but I wanted to clear up what the blank spots represent. Below is the entire daily sign in punch card for the month of August.

#Note: Subject to change

Bolded and capitalized rewards are “Major” rewards.

Day #: Reward

1: Silver Keys: 1,500
2: Monster Skin: Kraken Man o War
3: Silver Keys: 750
4: Monster Tier 2 Perk: Crippling Attack
5: Silver Keys: 750
6: Badge: Goliath (not sure which one)
7: Silver Keys: 1,250
8: Monster Skin: Wraith Wendigo
9: Badge: EMET (not sure which one)
10: Weapon Skin: Electro Griffin Arctic
11: Silver Keys: 1,250
12: Hunter Tier 2 Perk: Jetpack Efficiency
14: Silver Keys: 1,000
16: Silver Keys: 1,000
18: Silver Keys: 750
19: Weapon Skin: Caira Phoenix
20: Silver Keys: 1,250
21: Badge: Electro Griffin (not sure which one)
23: Silver Keys: 1,500
24: Badge: Torvald (not sure which one)
25: Badge: Kala (not sure which one)
26: Badge: Gorgon (not sure which one)
27: Silver Keys: 1,250
29: Monster Skin: Gorgon Gorgonzola
30: Silver Keys: 2,500
31: Silver Keys: 2,500

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Back to day 1 of daily sign in (and missing rewards?) WTF?
Back to day 1 of daily sign in (and missing rewards?) WTF?
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We’ll be looking into this tomorrow with @Gertz.

Sorry for any confusion this has caused anyone, we’ll get more information out in the morning.



Get hyped.


Predicted moveset:
Shotgun slows but has lower damage
Tracking dart damages but works for shorter time
Stasis Grenade has smaller radius or slow, but also deals damage in the area.

TRS, please prove me wrong.




Yeah that doesn’t seem right to me. You’re just trying to peg Griffin’s new adaption onto Abe by saying less utility, more damage.


That seems to be the trend with trappers’ variations so far.


Looks like we need a variation of these variations then :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not saying your wrong, he could very likely be going for a more damage than CC route, its one of the easiest things to do, but 2 isn’t a very large sample size.




Abe is already the damage trapper, I don’t believe we’ll see his variant being more damaging. Could be wrong, just don’t see it making sense


@mizx and @Insane_521
What happen if we already have parnell, some of those skins, perks etc?


If you have anything that’s in the punch card or progression you’ll get Silver Keys instead!

CORY EDIT: You get 20% of the Silver Key value for anything you own.

Perks obtained by character levelling and daily rewards?
[Logged] Monthly Punch Card Day 28
Buying perks vs earning them

This Abe Variant is more about mechanic changes compared to OG. It won’t be like the Griffin vs Electro Griffin kinda gig.

From Quantum to P. Parnell we’re trying to go further than Electro with overall mechanics/gear changes.


Nice - pls make this overview each month, even if the Icons aren´t missing :slight_smile:


Very pleased to hear it. :slight_smile: Looking forward to Quantum Caira.


You get keys instead of the skin :wink:


P.Parnell ? what do you mean by P.Parnell? what is going to happen to Evolve Captain America?

Edit: Patient Parnell ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)?


Waggie only sacrificed CC, but Daisy still worked to full effectliveness.