Audio stutter, help please



When im in-game the audio keeps stuttering and its really annoying and pretty much ruining the experience, can someone please help me?


Can you run a Verify Game Cache on your game and see if the problem still occurs after that?


It fixed it for a few hours but after a while the audio started stuttering again :frowning:


@ArPharazon All right, time to bring in the big guns for this, any help you can provide here?


Could be caused by too much work for the CPU to handle, or too much disk access for your HDD to handle. Both could be reduced by lowering the Graphics Quality in the Video Options at the Main Menu… please try.


Im using
Graphics card: MSI GeForce GTX 970 4GB Gaming
Processor: intel core i5-4670k
Ram: Crucial DDR3 BallistiX Sport 1600MHz 8GB
Hard drive : Seagate Barracuda® 1TB
And i play on medium settings, i get 90-120fps
Im pretty sure i should be able to handle Evolve at medium at least.


I agree, it should. Try to make sure nothing else is running while you play Evolve? Do you have any special audio drivers that might need to be updated?

I feel like something might be hitting your hard drive while you’re playing, so the game can’t get to the audio files fast enough.


Its wierd because when i Verify Game Cache it seems to be fixed for a while, i have done that a few times and it seems to always fix it but i would like more of a permanent fix :confused:


When you do that, what does it tell you? That it repaired some files?


“All files successfully validated.”


Really makes no sense that that should be helping. :slight_smile: Has to be related to CPU load or HDD load somehow, in my opinion.


So i tried playing another match, and something i noticed is that the audio stutter always seem to occur on the snow map, at least from what i remember, i wonder if there is a possibility that its just this map, im gonna keep playing and try to see if i get audio stutter on any other maps.