Audio & Graphical Problems (Xbox One)


There are times when, for the entire match, all audio(Dialog, Sound Effects, Music, ect) will be very staticy. Almost like a crackling sound, sort of. It’ll constantly pop in and out, and it’s overall just very annoying to listen to. It does not fix itself either.
As for the graphics problem, I’m not quite sure how to describe it other than being able too see shadows through objects, under the ground and and objects appear to be transparent(although they’re not) because shadows from objects behind them are being shown either in front of or inside the objects themselves.
Could this be a connection to the host problem? Or something with the game? Because it’s a pretty reoccurring problem.
Is there anybody out there having these problems, or similar reoccurring events? Also, is there a developer on board that can take a look into this? That’d be great! …


The audio bug is present in the PS4 version aswell. Really annoying and its hurting my ears…