Audio cue for Behemoth's Roll not loud enough


I’ve noticed it many times now. Behemoth rolls very silently if not completely silent. The audio cue for the rolling on the hunters side has to be louder.
A) It’s not very logical that you can’t hear a rock rolling at you from behind.
B) Gameplay wise it’s a disadvantage to the hunters. You can clearly hear the traversals of all the other monsters. So why is Behemoth’s roll so silent?

Can the audio engineers check this?


I’d put this in suggestions.

But I agree.


Yeah you would think he would have the most audible traversal especially when he gets within like 20-30 meters of a player but instead he got those silent ninja rock slabs when he curls up I guess. On a serious note this should be getting changed in the next update right? Aren’t audio sounds being tampered for more consistency and whatnot?


It might be too soft, you ever try to roll down a gently sloping hill? It’s not quiet…


“Prepare for Behemoth roll” Squash


PLEASE DONT FIX. This game is already Hunter favored enough.


no bob is silent but not deadly


Ahh, I dunno he can be both at times. Bob, is mysterious…


Would you want a 30 foot tall roly poly charging toward you from the darkness to make more noise than a cockroach chirping 15 feet away or not?



Noticed it again in a match yesteday. I could clearly hear Behemoth walking from like 100 meters away (which is a bit much) but the moment he started rolling, it was complete silence. You cannot distinguish if he is sneaking or rolling by using audio.

Btw: I’d rather have it under “Bugs” because I don’t think this is intended behavior but I don’t care about the category as long as the devs have it on their radar.

Any answer if this is going to be addressed or has been addressed already? I read somewhere that you are reworking audio cues but don’t know if this problem is fixed with the rework.


Please not more nerfs for the worst monster


Well, that are two very different animals.

Behemoth needs some mobility buffs, true. But two unbalanced things don’t make a balanced monster. You cannot buff one aspect to address a totally different problem. That’s only gonna make him less reliant.
Teams who don’t know how to fight against the advantageous aspect (let’s say the “tongue grap, fissure, heavy, roll” combo) get wrecked and teams who know how to fight against said aspect and how to exploit his disadvantageous aspect (mobility) will wreck him.

Another example is Kraken. He has a low W/L ration on the low tier. So they tried to “fix” the problem of him being difficult to master with increasing his burst damage. We all know how that turned out. ^^
Wraith has trouble downing s.b. because it has only one burst attack (Warp Blast) so they buffed its melee range and tumble towards “Well I can’t even move once it starts meleeing me”.

So, please fix the bug with his traversal audio AND make him more viable. Don’t try to band-aid one aspect by aggrevating another problem.


Cmon, stop with the “no more nerfs” things in such threads. It’s just a suggestion that focuses on 1 particular aspect that’s either anti-fun or anti-logical.

I vote for Behemoth being a steaming pile of trash too, but I’d still like for his traversals to be louder, definitely.
He can get all kinds of buffs in return for all I care.

No one on these forums wants to see a character nerfed into the dirt past any form of usefulness, not even Shredder. I know that, you know that, everyone knows that. Not every suggestion topic should have to explicitly mention “But because this character is already OP/UP he would need something else in return.”



The solution to making monsters balanced is letting them keep a bunch of cheesy situational abilities like a silent roll. Not actually making them more solid all around, nope.


I agree that “fixing” this issue would go hand in hand with helping him out in other areas (my god where to start) although helping his traversal issues is going to be stupidly hard because they’ve been crap since day 1. I think it is useful to even just quickly put in a comment that he could be buffed here and helped there so that some people don’t continue down the road of thinking behemoth is actually good.