Audio crackle, shading bug, and lost all wins


I was 58 in the world as parnell and lost all my wins. Now I’m at the end of the leader boards and have no motivation to continue playing this game. Audio cracks and spike in intro and many games have see through shadows of the objects behind them. I spent hours and hours keeping up and now it’s all for nothing. I took a picture of my rank last night to verify. Hope this will be addressed and compensated.


I feel for you, but the leaderboards were buggy and fundamentally flawed. I’d suggest just forgetting about Leaderboards- these ones are retarded. They rank by how much you play, not by skill.

Might I request you repost that here:

Just go down to Bug Reporting" and fire away. It’ll help bring that to the devs’ attention.


I just had the audio crackle in my last match. Haven’t had it happen before, but it would crackle for a few seconds after a certain person would talk in voice chat. It didn’t sound like it was actually coming from his mic, though. It was the regular game sounds that were crackling, not just crackling overtop of the game sounds if that makes sense.


What platform are you experiencing the audio crackle on? I get it pretty constantly on Xbox One in games, and have been having the issue since the Alpha.





I had the audio crackle during alpha and beta but its seems greatly reduced in the final release but I still occaisionally hear it. Don’t worry about the leaderboards as they don’t really rank who has the best skills just who has the most time. I think they are going to release a more competitive leaderboard in the future.