Audio Changes?


Ever since Elder Kraken came out I’ve noticed that the game sounds a little bit different. It sounds more realistic and I’ve even heard Behemoth make some noise ive never heard before. Is this just me or has someone else noticed?

Did Evolve just get a music update?!

I swear Evolve just got a music update, because I have never heard this music.

Anyone? Explain!!??




Umm, pretty sure there wasn’t an audio update of any sorts. Black magic, perhaps?


I thought some of the maps looked slightly different too.

Just a few shrubberys I might not have noticed before tho to be honest. (Fusion plant) might more than elder kraken have possibly slid through the cracks?

Again, I might just be a madman… with a (x)box!!


I know that Orbital Drill was updated, I don’t think any of the other maps have changes that have gone live yet.


So there are some map changes coming? :wink:


Mmk. Just thought this would be the thread to bring it up.




Wouldn’t be surprised because my friends were telling me also Val’s med gun drain real quick now!

Why don’t they tell us when they hot fix things!




I’ve also noticed some music in hunt that I’ve never heard before


Its completely different from what Ive heard… Definitely.


And can someone confirm if the power relays made alarm sounds when they’re damaged before Elder Kraken was released?


They have.


I guess I’ve just never noticed xD


Does anyone have hotfix notes on this?


RIGHT!!! I noticed that too!

I swear I have never heard it lol




Tier 6 confirmed!

Ah a stutter, coming up with something heheheheh