Audio bugs


So I’ve noticed that either as the hunter or the monster, whenever I/the monster gets to stage 3 and everyone has the grand last-stand around the power generator I get these very high pitched whines/ringing sounds. It sounds like mic feedback, which would sort of make sense if someone was trying to use the mic, but even as a monster I can hear it. I tried turning off all sources of volume but nothing seemed to really affect the noises I was hearing. Even more so, it only seems to happen when I look near the generator. Other times it’s just randomly during a fight and it seems it can happen with any hunter or monster.
Anyone have any idea what’s going on, if this is something intended or something wrong on my end?


Is the generator damaged? It makes more noise because it’s falling apart as it takes damage.


I have heard this high pitched ringing too, and I think it might be signifying an empty jetpack… which could explain why we hear a lot of them during extended fights. I could be wrong though.


This isn’t like a normal noise I hear in the game, it’s like you held a microphone to a speaker and made it give off feedback. It goes away when I look away from it but I can still be near it, but when I turn to look at it it comes right back again.


Thats all good and all, but you didn’t answer my question. Was the generator damaged? I’m trying to ‘eliminate’ possibilities to help you.


Well if I hear it as the monster then I’m not sure what it is exactly.


No, it wasn’t.


Does it only happen when Stage 3 and on all Maps?


It happens sometimes when I’m the hunters at any stage, and it doesn’t seem to be limited to any maps.


As an update, it seems to happen when there is a Bucket on the team and when he places his turrets.