Audio bug (10 char title)


I’m not sure if there is a thread for this but…
Ever since I’ve had Evolve (which was when it came out) I’ve had this audio bug. It only occurs when a tutorial is playing or a cutscene occurs like in Evacuation.
It’s not that big of an issue for me but…I just felt like bringing it up.
The bug does not occur if I am watching a video in the video gallery


What does it do? How does it affect sound? What platform are you on? Do you have a video to show?

All these help isolate the bug and can narrow down where to look for it. Just reporting it is good, but some kind of reference helps immensely.


•it skips some audio and plays some form of glitchy sound
• PC
•I can try to get a video, it depends if I can upload them like I can photos for I am on mobile


I don’t know about uploading vids, I don’t think it works, though. Try putting it on youtube and linking it.

I had this before I upgraded my PC. Went away when I met the minimum requirements.


I thought it would be linked to my PC but why would they work on the video gallery then?
Also we got this laptop specifically to play Evolve cause my old one…yeah…
Edit: can’t get a video but I found somewhere people complaining about audio cackling


I’m not certain. Just tossing stuff out there.


You should go put this on the dedicated bug reporter thingy. Really no reason to make a thread for these anymore (I think) :smiley_cat:


Yeah I’m new to making bug threads… :stuck_out_tongue:
And reporting bugs in general.