Attracting Birds


Hi. I have been watching a lot of Evolve and have noticed that there is 2 types of startled birds. One is the scared birds which is caused by running through them killing near them, evolving near them etc. But there is also attracting birds. How is that caused and how can it be avoided?


I believe the second “bird” type you are referring to are Harpies which scavenge the corpse’s of the Monster’s dinner.


The harpies are random acts they could happen the first time you kill a creature or never.


Actually the Harpy functionality went through a bit of a redesign a few months back. It used to be a straight up random chance. But now every time you eat a corpse you increase the chance of them spawning. This gets interesting because if you eat a lot of one meat meals (like spotters, glaciopod excrement and obsidian grubs), those are easy kills but you’ll be increasing the Harpy spawn chance by a lot (relative to how much food you’ve gotten.) If you go for more difficult prey, three and four meat meals, you’ll get a lot of meat and the Harpy spawn chance will be lower. :wink:

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I know they eat left overs from the monsters but do they attack you at all?


Haven’t even noticed “harpies” exist. Do they point out the monsters position via HUD or what’s their use?


If i remember right it worked the same as with birds.


Harpies work the same as regular startled birds (bat rays I believe), but instead of saying “the mosnter walked by and scared me” they say “the monster just had a snack here and is on its way”


I knew that something changed with them, but I thought it would have been more along the lines of them spawning more often the longer the hunters have been unable to track the monster. This would allow a sneaky monster a good chance to get away after an engagement, but the longer he is sneaking and the hunters can’t find him, the more often they would spawn.


Nope. They’re just like vultures.


All they do is let the Hunter’s know where you are. Other than that they are completely harmless (Physically) to the monster but ARE indeed a threat.

(I think I contradicted myself there…)


They act like normal birds though right? As in they just put up a marker saying hey he passed this way it dosnt like track the monster for x amount of time does it?


Right. They just circle in the sky over the corpse, like in the old Western films.


Awesome thanks!!


They also give a notice, correct?


Yup. If any Hunter sees the birds (looks that direction), the location is also transmitted to their teammates.


Ok, so it’s slightly different then startling birds. Are there any other actions that the monster does that is broadcasted to your teammates if you see the monster doing it?


If you see the monster it should broadcast to all as long as you ping it or hit it. (Or so I believe)


I knew about the markers for instance, but the carrion birds made it sound like it was only detected if a hunter ‘sees’ them on screen and then everyone gets notified. I was wondering if there were more events like that.


These “attracting” birds are a really cool mechanic in the game because if the monster is really sneaky it can be near impossible for the hunters to find it, so this really helps balance it.