Attn: trs allow monsters to hang on cliffs/ledges or any climbable terrain


After a good 100 or so monster matches and a lot of discussion with other dedicated monster players during the alpha/beta, I really do feel like all 3 Monsters should universally have the ability to stop its movement (But Unable to use any damaging ability, maybe activation of Aftershock or Decoy/Supernova) and hold position on any climbable/scalable terrain. This opens up a ton of ambush play during all stages and wouldn’t really skewer the balance in either side’s favor, if anything I would love to hear what the much - smarter - than - I folks at TRS think about this change. I wouldn’t be suprised if Monsters are unable to cease climbing movement because the devs already tested it long ago and figured out something I haven’t even thought of.

It’d be so cool though, just freezing halfway up a spire or a cliffside and hiding in the darkness, then dropping behind the hunters or ambushing them and popping up as they approach a ledge…


I like it. That could lead to some really interesting scenarios.


It’s sounds cool.
It can’t be done.
It has been suggested before but due to how the system works, it can’t be done.
@Macman can explain better.


what about an ability like wraith’s abduction that just sticks you to a roof-corner with a web shot rather than actually fitting it into the climbing


What benefit would this really provide though if you have full armor your going to glow like a christmas tree and even if you don’t your still going to stick out from a distance


I thought that was for wall walking…maybe this too?


Actually, MacMan said it was too much work to have you be able to use abilities off of. Just hanging there, however, is far more feasible. And it will be badass to drop down on the Hunters like a BAMF. @MacMan @SlabOMeat Possible? Plox?


Pulled this from another thread asking about the same thing.


IE we can have it included in the next monster

when we vote for the monster’s appearance and abilities, just go for spider+webs and we get a climber!


I’m possibly being presumptious, but who said we’d have any significant input on the next monster? I’m not expecting much more than another name thing, or at best, a pick between 3 monster designs they’ve been considering.


cast your vote for the first stage of designing the next monster

previous attempts ended with turtle rock sort of getting stuck with the magnetism turtle theme, which sort of ended up in behemoth.


Are you really sure that Behemoth came from the goofy turtle thing? I might be wrong but I think he was coming even before that.


well sledge said that they were at least stumped with the magnetism theme and that what they had had already sort of been implemented. the behemoth is a shelled monster really, isn’t it?


Sure, in the same way kraken is winged.


well not entirely true that it cant be done, because i asked Macman about it in the questions and answer topic.
Yes it cant be done on the current monster without changing the climbing system.
But Macman said there is possible to make a Monster that can stop climbing and hang there.


Being able to stand still on a vertical surface= you just gave the monster a million vertical hiding spots.
It would be incredibly awesome, but like @Bear_Stream already said it’s impossible due to technical stuff. There’s a post about it by @MacMan but I can’t find it.


he said to put it in for all monsters it’d envolve a lot of work

that implies if the next monster is climbing based we could ask for expanded functionality climbing for that monster only




I am sure Behemoth was already on the table before our attempts at a turtle tank…it’s just that great minds often think alike so a lot of what we worked on got realized in the design of Behemoth, but I doubt the devs “took” our ideas to make him…they just randomly came to a lot of similar cool design and ability conclusions. And if they did peek at our ideas…well, cool! But I doubt it.


It depends on the monster. I have sneaked past a lot of hunters, and some of them were with full armor.