Attention: Server Connection Failed


I’m sure TRS is aware of this issue but I’m posting this anyways because I’m not sure exactly how isolated this particular problem is. Every time I try to connect to MP I get the following error message below.

"Attention: Server Connection Failed. Please check your network connection and configuration and try again."

I have double check everything on my end. Router, Firewall, Virtual Server, and I have even gone to the extent to re-install the game thinking that maybe there was an issue with a .cfg file somewhere. Still no luck, I’m sure this is an issue on TRS side just letting you guys know in case you didn’t ;-P.

Thank you


Also having this issue.


I’m having this issue this morning. My internet is fine (I’m posting this), so I’m not sure why the servers are down.


same issue here mate im yet to play multiplayer still haven’t heard anything from 2k


Have the same issue. I’ve searched high and low for answers, seems like I’m not the only one. Have not been able to play online since I got the game, really disappointed…


March 15th and i STILL haven’t played a single game of multiplayer on evolve… I’m really depressed about this actually. I spent 60 dollars on the game for crying out loud. I contacted 2k support and they claimed the problem was on TRS end. Patch 1.1 came and its still not fixed. i’ve lost all hope.


please read, i think this information would be of value to you

atleast i didn’t spend 60 dollars but instead 8, it still dissapoints me that i have to play singleplayer all the time, especially when people are asking me to play with them couse i know how fun it would be. though i have some good information on it, couse like you said. it didd’t have anything to do with internet when the message pops up, becouse when i start the game (same account same password and same way) on another pc it works. so therefor it either seems like the individual pc cant connect or, i have no idea.


due to the age of the thread, you’re better off making your own topic.


I have to agree.
@tarkua_unofoxiall, I will close this thread as it’s a year old and more, please feel free to make a new bug report on this and provide as much info as possible as to what’s going on.

Good luck :slight_smile: