Attention! Discourse Plug-ins Request


Hello everyone!

I know, in the past, it has been brought to my attention that plug-ins have been requested for our trusty forums.

I am here asking, who is in favor of this, and what in particular plug-ins were you wanting us to look into?

I am talks with the wonderful Discourse team and needing to know what our community is specifically requesting.

Thank you for your time ladies & gents! I gotchu.



Mind describing Plugins?


I don’t follow???


What are Plug-ins?


Plug-ins are nifty items that are built by the Discourse community.

More information can be found here:


I’m not a big steam user, but I’m sure PC players would appreciate a steam profile plugin(is that a thing?).

Voting would have been useful many times before as well.

OOOOH. quick messenger plugin pls


Is a “plug-in” a pc thing or is it a console thing?


This is strictly a forums thing. :heart:


Oh lol I’m not a tech savvy person as you can tell:smile:


Oh, I’m looking through a very small amount but I’m definitely for this.


@skills4u2envy and I lurk the Discourse forums quite a bit, we may be able to answer questions if you have them. :slight_smile:


Is this already implemented?

Would “staff” just be those with admin privileges? This could be helpful for Mods/Leaders if this isn’t already installed on the forums.


Are these pre-made or are discourse making them custom? Im always a fan of site-layout styling, so if you could pick from a few different styles with backgrounds of the different monsters and slight tints to the grey to match the monster color scheme would look cool. If you want to go ballz-to-the-wallz then add hunters in too. I know this would make the PHP for the become larger, longer load times, but I’d love to come on the forums and see my spirit animal, Kraken. If you add hunters, I’d love to use Emet.

This might be too complex, but if it is I’d can be a donator type feature. A donator plugin would also be cool, where you can donate and add a tag after your name, like how mods have it setup. Just an idea :cupcake:


I would also love form signatures. That’d be lovely.


I won’t say anything cuz I have no idea what I would be talking about (you just did -.-) (d*mn it mind shut up with your smart mouth!) (what?)


Signatures actually tend to make posts longer than they need to be. Hence:

Don’t sign your posts — every post has your profile information attached to it.


I don’t really understand this, but yes, me too, yes.


It would add an image, and on my last gaming communities forum only the top post had a sig, not every post made by the same person.


Plug-ins are more like Chrome/Firefox extensions. They add things like a chat box or check boxes.