Attention all dinosaur lovers


For those of you that has a great love for dinosaurs like I do, I would like to share to you about this game called “dinosaur battlegrounds” now from what I heard is that this game is a dinosaur simulator, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of different species of dinosaurs and once you’ve chosen your character you’ll start off as an egg and you’ll have to work your way up and survive to adulthood, the devs have stated many times they’re focusing on making this game as realistic as possible you’ll be able customize your character with colors and you’ll have the option to turn off feathers or leave them on, I have seen a few interviews about this game and I read up a little bit about it and I’m really liking the sound of this game, idk how to post links or information so I would advise those of you who are interested to look it up and hopefully you’ll like what you see. The game is supposedly coming out later this year I believe in the summer. But the developers have stated that if the game is to reach its full potential you’ll have to pledge certain amounts of money, the more money they have the more amount of dinosaurs and other content they’ll be able release.


Oh and another thing the game will be available for not only PC but for consoles as well!


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This sounds pretty interesting. I’ll definitely keep an eye on it. Thanks for letting us know. :smile:


I absolutely adore dinosaur simulators that make you start off as an egg, grow up, hunt to survive, battle each other, make groups and what not. I just love those games so much!!

Definitely going to keep an eye on this one!


You’ll love it dude! they’re gonna add so much into this game you’ll even be able to mate and hatch your own npc controlled dinosaur babies and I believe they’ll follow you everywhere you go or you’ll have an option to tell them to stay at the nest.


You will love it dude! I advise you to go look them up on YouTube, they also have forums as well just go to google and type “dinosaur battlegrounds forums”


The game’s going to be multiplayer aswell? :smiley:


I am interested.
Definitly curious what species they’ll go with.


Yes!, in one of the interview videos one of the devs said that the game will take place in 3 possibly 4 time periods triassic, jurassic, cretaceous and even the permian. I’d imagine it’ll be like ark survival evolved where you’ll be able to choose different servers with the most and least amount of people.


I’m buying it when it comes out.

No regrets.


Currently there are over 75 different species of dinosaurs in the game (possibly even more right now) and from what they said if they have enough people supporting the game they will add even more creatures, not just dinosaurs but ancient crocodiles, sea reptiles and pterosaurs!


Wow, this sounds fantastic.


I hope everything is fair and balanced. Obviously the T-Rex for example would have high health and high damage but be really slow? I want it to be just right and for no dinosaur to be too OP.


Game already looks amazing, I hope the graphics look like Battlefront. (And only the graphics. :stuck_out_tongue:)

How many maps are there? And what type of game is it?

There needs to be more creature games. Dinosaurs, Monster, etcetera.


I think it’s one GTA style map.


Oh, I’m sure they’ll pull it off.


Battlefront is a good game!


If you guys are looking for dino sims,then Saurian is a very good project to look at.
It’s focused entirely on the Hell Creek formation with only 4 playable dinos (T.rex, Trike, Pachycephalasaurus, and Acheroraptor) but an extreme attention to accuracy.


Oh I also forgot to tell you all that the game will have 2 game modes, arcade mode and simulator mode. Arcade mode is basically easy mode where all of your stats and traits will be unlocked and you can go ahead without worrying about any trouble. Simulator mode is different you’ll have to carefully wonder around because the environment around you is constantly changing there will be dynamic weather, climate change, storms, and of course predators and dangerous herbivores. You’ll be forced to immerse yourself as you’re playing as your character because every step could be your last.


Saurian <3