Attempting computer modeling (Blender)

I mean what software would you use for 2d modeling

I believe you can fiddle around with some settings in Blender so that the camera will move right, top or left, depending on what hotkey you assigned it to. That made it so much easier modelling in Blender. I’ll see if I can dig up a video on youtube that explains how, unless of course you already figured that out on your own. :smile:

I started out with Blender but it’s a long time ago… and now that I’ve been taught 3Ds max for about a year, I can’t remember a single thing about Blender. I do know of one person who keeps telling me that Blender is the one true 3D modelling program so I bet it’s really good, even though it’s free.

Anyway, this being your first attempt, I gotta say I’m impressed. First thing I did was a snowman and that was basically just three spheres on top of each other. xD

2d modelling?

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Sorry i messed up

That navigation seems just weird to me. In Maya it’s the following:

Alt+Left mouse = rotation
Alt+Wheel click = translate
Alt+Right mouse = zoom in/out

A regular mouse left click just selects things and if you scroll the wheel it zooms in, too. Right clicking brings up a polygon modeling sub-menu where you can change what you’re selecting (vertices, edges, object, etc)

2D modeling is just sprites I think?

@aboatman Yeah it is xD The controls are a bit wonky and I screw up a lot because they’re just so odd but I’m working around them. I look forward to seeing your progress with Daisy!

You’ll get so used to those Blender ctrls I bet later if you ever switch you just be like, “what is this MADNESS?!”

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Photoshop or just anything like Paint or GIMP.
If you want, could you PM me about potential helping me with a 2D game? I could really use the help.

I just use Paint for 2D stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

I modeled the back of the robot’s head and added the cap, and added cosmetic bolts going around the head cap.

Also this is how it looks when all edges are smoothed.