Attempting computer modeling (Blender)

So recently, for absolutely no other reason than “Why the fuck not?” I decided I would either try to make SFM animations or create models. I looked around and couldn’t get any inspiration for making an animation, I had no idea what to make so I decided to do modeling.

Keep in mind I have zero experience in modeling (genius that I am over here kappa). I downloaded “Blender” and watched a couple videos and browsed Google for images. I found a robot thing that had a front, side, and back view, this is what it looks like:

From these images I cropped out the side and front view and began working.

This is what I have so far about three hours into modeling it,

I modeled the chest first and after multiple scraps I ended up with this design, I couldn’t follow the drawings exactly as the drawings are inconsistent with the size of some objects and body design so it has made it very hard to actually model it with zero experience.

However I am proud so far that I was able to make the main chest plate for the robot from nothing but a random person’s drawing.

Going forward, as I said previously, the body is somewhat inconsistent in some parts so I am stuck here, I’m going to model the head and arms if I can and then attach them to the robot’s chasis, afterwards I think I’ll consider this a complete project, even though I’ll be leaving his lower body out but that’s where most of the trouble is coming from.


I thought this was a thread about you becoming a model.
I was horribly disappointed.


I am too. :cry: lol

Fixed clickbait title xD

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I have blender as well.
Never used it though.
2D first. :wink:

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I came here expecting Computers modelling for artists, in some kind of “live drawing” style setting.
I was horribly disappointed.

I hate you people so much xD


Start 2D and make it 3D :smiley:

I have other ideas.

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:warning: ALERT :warning:

FNaF clones inbound!!!

My game isn’t even a horror game.

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Don’t worry about the inconsistencies. :wink: Concept art is made to help you achieve a certain look, but It’s okay if a 3D model deviates a bit from the concept, in fact, in most cases it is basically unavoidable.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to see more progress. :smiley:

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Thanks! :smiley:

As someone who knows next to nothing about computers in general, I am pretty sure you are magic. Keep up the good work.

Nice. I’ve never used Blender myself, I use Maya. I wonder how similar they are?

I’d recommend going in and blocking out all the basic shapes of your design before doing detail on any one section because you need to think of the design as a whole. Not parts, or else those different parts may not look like they’re the same design.

If you work on your model in passes then there’s less of a chance your robot parts won’t match. I say this especially since you’re learning the program. If you finish the chest and then finish each piece separately, then the last couple pieces will look A MILLION times better than the first, simply because you’re better at using Blender. I know from experience lol

On a side note, I got bored at work cause we don’t have anything going on so I worked on my own project today if you want to take a look. I’m finishing my character Naomi that I’m going to rig and sell on my website.

I don’t know how much reference I have for hard-surface modeling, but here’s my 3D modeling board I use for reference on Pinterest:

The controls for the program are odd and I think that isn’t helping the learning process either :confused: However I’m working on the model still, currently working on the flaps of the chestpiece towards the bottom. I can’t get the polygons to curve the way they need to, to look good.

Small update:

So I’ve been working on the head for a couple of hours, again, trying to follow the design as heavily as possible but again, inconsistencies in the drawing make that hard. However! I’ve been working on multiple designs and I was able to make a suitable face-plate for the robot:

It still has work to do, I have to make the cap for the head and the antennae on the ears as well as the entire back of the head, then connect it to the body by creating the neck. A lot of work for my first model but it is coming out pretty good IMO.

P.S thought I should reply to you because you said

EDIT: Worked for the past hour or so and managed to make the sides of the head and make the ears/antennae on the side of his head:

@Bot I am very happy with these results.


How are you liking Blender? I’m looking for a program to use for this kind of thing and was wondering how it was. How is it to use?

Its a bit odd. I’m still heavily learning it. It is a bit tricky to get around, I watched a couple videos and was able to make the model above.

I’ll explain what I mean,

Middle-click on the mouse is how you move around, left clicking moves the 3D cursor (I think that’s what its called) and then when you spawn a model like a plane, sphere, rectangle, cube, that’s where it will appear, right clicking moves the image and control+scrolling moves the view side to side while shift+scroll moves the view up and down.

Controls are a bit odd and I’m still learning the program, there’s a lot for me to learn. However I’d say its pretty good at what it does. Once you get the hang of it, its pretty easy to use, you can even import the reference images you have to certain camera views so as of now I have my front reference image in place and the side and that’s how I’ve been able to model this.

All in all, it’s a bit intimidating at first with all the things to learn and the wonky controls, but once you have the basics you can learn more advanced stuff later on (I haven’t bothered with that yet).

What would you suggest to start start doing 2D

If you’re asking if someone should start in 2D then go ahead! The program starts with a cube and a light fixture and a camera I think, you can remove them all and create what you want. I started with a 2D plane, then fit it across the drawing of the chestplate, then went to the side view and puffed it out to make it 3D and then I’ve been working since then.

This is mainly a modeling software so it can be used for 2D I guess but I jumped right in with 3D.