Attacking Power Relay


There’s an easy way to simply pepper the monster from really far away even with a single hunter left alive and keep him from detroying the relay. I was stuck at 1% attacking the thing for pretty much two entire extra drop ships. Still won eventually but jesus christ was that irritating.


Thing is, most hunters doing that can be killed easily. Supports have a cloak, but their weapons are either difficult to aim or short range. Trapper weapons are pathetic and they have limited escape mechanics. Assaults could manage- Markov’s AR, for example, but not as easy for the other two- but they are a very easy target. Medics… Laz is probably best for this, but his cloak is limited and he can be killed easily. Val has a good sniper, yes, but she’s even easier to take down. Caira would be worthless for this. Daisy is Daisy, of course.

So yeah. Annoying and effective, but manageable.


I don’t play as monster very often, but I had a great game as Kraken, and killed everyone but cabot, and cabot was railing me from so far away I had NO option or way to go and track him down, ( held cloak when I went after thim) I felt this was really weak… how cabot is almost the only hunter who could do this effectlively and I just got boned because of this. I played an amazing match other than this.