Attack on titan ps 3/4 and vita game (NEW VIDEO)


it looks amazing


Awesome! Makes me want to play that super hard awesome free AoT game now xD


It’s definitely looking a lot better than the first gameplay videos they showed :slight_smile:

Side note, can’t wait for the anime to start up again this year!


i hope its not down graded on ps 3


I’m torn. I love AoT, and I love how this looks (through the cutscenes and the combat), but I don’t like it as a game (overall). It’s one of those games I wouldn’t enjoy because you’re so restricted in what you can do and what you do next. Such a shame :frowning:


Almost reminds me of Dynasty Warriors. Looks interesting, maybe worth giving a shot, although it seems rather unlikely that it can do the show justice :smiley_cat:


It looks super nice! Although that gameplay contains spoilers :open_mouth:


the death of ------- I don’t know his name :frowning:



them pre orders though



Lol!! That’s awesome :slightly_smiling:


Has the game been rated in Japan yet? I hope it gets the Japanese equivalent of Mature. If it does, my guess is that it’ll be for Blood, Intense Violence, Strong Language, and Nudity (because of the Titans being always naked).


Dynasty Warriors is my favorite series of all time, and I like most of koei’s other games… I know I’m weird don’t judge me :stuck_out_tongue: , but I can’t get behind this game and though this video looked leagues better than the initial teaser I still personally don’t think it looks that great visually or in game mechanics. That’s just my opinion I hope it turns out great for those riding hype :slight_smile:


It’s out in Japan guys! Now we just need to wait for a US/Europe release date. I HATE the fact that the game doesn’t use the soundtrack from the show.


what do you mean its in japan


Some people want to wait for the US version.


I just want to be hangi and leve and mikasa and he man