Attack on Chibi!?

So, they just announced an Attack on Titan Spin-Off anime titled “Attack on Titan : Junior High”

It may not be serious and dark, but it’s still something to satisfy my hunger, and other’s until Season Two is released!

It’s being released October this year, I can’t wait! .o.



Attack on Titan season 2? Or the Junior High?

Junior High, Season Two is gonna be in 2016 sadly ;3;

My wife is a Anime fanatic. I’ll have to let her know. Thanks for sharing.

:cry: </10chars>

Hah, you’re welcome!

Don’t worry, all of these little series and live-action movies will suffice for now @Bot

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Huh, might be worth checking out for a few laughs.
sits quietly in the corner waiting for jojo part 4 announcement

-_- lets push back the animu back even more

Is everyone going to die in this series too? ^.-

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The anime has only been pushed until the last arc was finished, which it just did. It isn’t being pushed anymore.

And noooo, I don’t imagine cute chibis dying XD @Shin

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wait what! :sob:

Aww… That’s disappointing. :disappointed:

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Oh wow I never heard of this, I wonder how it’s going to be. Imagine if it reveals more about some characters like Annie, that would be awesome!

Mm, it’s AoT, you’d think they’d be tonnes of deaths.