Atrocious Exprience Tonight


I normally play alone and don’t experience too many issues, but last night I partied up with a friend and, my god, what a nightmare. On three separate occasions, we’d start joining a match and he’d get an error “lobby full” and be kicked back to lobby. I’d have to wait to load into the match, then quit out, not only taking a loss, but having to wait 60 seconds to try to join again.

Then the game locked up on us twice. I think the monster player quit out and everyone else in-game just froze. You could move, but the timer stopped and you couldn’t do anything. Once again, I had to manually quit the game and take a loss.

Just two minutes ago, while writing this, I was behemoth at the final showdown, and my character gets stuck mid-punch. I can float around, but can’t attack or escape the animation. Once again, I have to quit and take loss.

Why is the quit = loss mechanism in place when the game is still so damn glitchy?


The party function for xbox1 is still very glitchy.