Atrinoch's doodles


I was looking through old sketch books of mine and found some stuff I had done in the past, so I thought I’d share it with you guys, because no one on Twitter would care XD.
I don’t really know who else is an artist, but anyone can appreciate these.
This is one I did of Bucket after playing in the Big Alpha. (NOTE: Most of these were done while I was bored learning or studying😅)

The next one was right after wraith was teased. We didn’t have a clear picture, so this is what I came up with based on the single still we got.
Here’s the reference



Bender memes ravage these Forums.





Holy shit it got better. God damn I was fucking Wiley

A-Atrinoch Senpai is seeing me in my underwear…

B-Baka Senpai!


Cool beans


I think you might’ve like to see this. It’s not even the full picture, but is a piece. XD


That has a really nifty stained glass look to it! Awesome work, can’t wait to see more.


Wait a minute do you have a steam profile with the same forum username here


Yes, that would be me. Same name and avatar on Steam PC.


oh same avatar nevermind but hey if you want you can add me LessSugar


Nice colors, could use some depth and texture though.


Too many less sugars! Just add me, there’s only one of me, lol.


Damn I thought I was unique😢


New stuff I found! I’m sure other artists can relate, because I find it really cool looking back at old art I drew.
This one was for my Christmas list one year. It’s Edward Kenway, Yvetal, Batman, and a Big Daddy.

First attempt at fire, and I wanted to spice it up and put it in a hand. Shaded the fire but not the hand.

Tilt your head to the right. Darkness enveloping a dying fire as a shadowy hand reaches out to pull away the last bit of light.

I was and still am a big fan of Pokemon. This (admittedly) took inspiration from a comic that joked about a scyther not being able to learn fly. The art is original though, and the trainer is supposed to be me. Keep in mind I was like 14 then.

Also big yu-gi-oh fan. Self explanatory.

Korra and Old Aang from the Avatar series. Also a huge fan of the new and original series. 8/8 m8 -ign 2016

Leona from League of Legends. Was and still is one of my 2 favorite support champions.

Braum from League of Legends. Other favorite support champion. "Mother always said, don’t lose."

Dragon. 'Nuff said.

This one was my take on a death knight. Takes inspiration from the Ring Wraiths of LOTR. Wields a scythe. One bad-ass, scary mother fucker.

That’s all until I find more. @SledgePainter thought you’d like to see what else I had made previously :grin: