At this point i dont know what to do


I was planning on getting a skin for goliath soon AND THEN YAYYYY the voodoo skin starts. And i cant play cause im on vacation away from my ps4. Every skin contest something crappy happens to screw me over and i dont get skins TRS thank you but sometimes its hard to do


Isn’t it a community event? If they reach the goal I thought everyone gets it regardless if you participated or not, unless I’m mistaken.


nope you gotta be playing during set time frames


Whoever participates gets rewarded.

@EyelessWolf Sucks that you can’t play even one game. Maybe have a friend use your account for 1 match? Just sayin


Im asking my dad but its 1:52 for hiim so ima jump on it in the morning


@SledgePainter i know you closed the leak thread and you were gonna bring it up in a meeting. Will they be doing contests for wraith and kraken? or just buying them?


seems like I still got the trapper skins after that weekend was over and I missed the whole thing.


Thats jacked up i played but DIDNT get them and my 2k was linked


You played as Griffin and won?


Also I found the leak thread using Google. The evolve forums were the first result.


Yup and i didn’t get shite


It hasn’t been unlisted for whatever reason.


It was when I looked at it. Unlisted and locked.


To be completely honest with you, I do not know.


Yeah, TRS just wants things to be a nice surprise when they release contests and such, you know? Also, the fact that the seemingly original spreader of the information claims they were from a torrented game, and we are not allowed to be discussing torrented materials.


What does torrented mean.


When it comes to torrenting a game, it usually means somehow running a boot-legged copy. Not everything torrented is illegal, but in this instance a torrented game is probably an ill-gotten one.


To bad you don’t have a vita you would be able to do the connect thing and play on your vita from anywhere.


Pirated. <Bbbb


At this point i dont know what to do
Easy… Spend your vacation playing Evolve. B)