At this point, even I think Warp Blast is a bit too strong


Problem is, if WB damage or radius is reduced, she would need an equivalent increase in Supernova or Decoy.


Please no. Just leave the thing be. She has one solid damaging move now…


I still think Warp Blast is probably fine, hunters just need some indication of how big it is, because it’s nearly impossible to efficiently dodge right now. Supernova, Aftershock, Lightning Bolt, Leap Smash - all are super easy to tell whether you’ve dodged or not, but Warp Blast just feels super inconsistent due to the lack of visual feedback.

EDIT: Radius feels like it might be too big sometimes, but I’d rather add the visual feedback first before tweaking numbers again.


Do you think the devs sometimes feel like the chef from the restraunt in Emperor’s New Groove…?


Yeah…Do this, do that- No, you did it wrong! Do it better this time. You did it wrong again! Just get rid of all of it, start again…No no no no no, that’s terrible! You’re so dumb!

You know what, screw you! I hate this restaurant, I’m never coming back, I’m giving it horrible ratings and telling everyone to stay away from it!