At level 40 matches are getting worse


Well, It’s been a while since I reached level 40. My suspicion is that there are more
really bad matches between level 40 guys? Is it just me?

I had much more fun while I wasn’t at 40. Seems like everybody has an issue with
his ego up there.


A looooot of level 40 players seem to think they’re the “bee’s knees” as it were. :confused: Nothing that can be done about it, sadly.


Yeah… I’m not even 40 yet, but every time I log in, it’s “noob bucket”, “you’re trolling us, pick a real character” “learn 2 play” “do us all a favor and uninstall” wheee…

And of course… they all leave after every match… except for the single monster… because ya know… no team-mates :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, the pro’s of being a monster I suppose.


I don’t play MM, because they are so terrible. >.<


omg come to ps4 atleast we don’t care which char u pick as long as your good, ps no hackers :wink:


Oh Shin, remember that one match where the monster stopped playing monsters just so he could be hank and orbital you constantly because he was mad at your skills? he was 40 too, right?

Good times…


Yeah… MM players disappoint me sometimes. : /


@Shin Was I there? :smiley:


No, you weren’t. :cry:
I had to find someone to play with, whilst you were away.


Cheating on me, huh? :wink:


I get so lonely… o.o


@shin @MidnightRoses I would gladly game with you both :smile: But at the time I don’t think you were there. I know you play support well with shin, so I’d have to"Get gud" with trapper or medic. Which ever you guys would rather not pug.


I wouldn’t mind playing the game with you again. I tend to log on when Rose logs on now though. ^.-


It’s not a secret :wink:

I have you both on my flist, lol.


I only don’t like playing with people under 40 when they don’t use their mic, I understand your new but at least use communication, you will do better and learn faster, and to be able to do call outs is improtant


Issue with 40 is well it means nothing even someone that only played one game a day and lost that game would still hit 40 at some point in time. Its just all the lesser players getting into the 40mmr range.


lvl40 matches get worse and worse for 2 months now. Simply because it only takes 50h to reach it, even casuals are easily 40 now. And most players are still incredibly bad at the game after that time.
The matchmaking by level just doesn’t cut it anymore, it may have worked the first 2 weeks after release, cause only commited people got to 40 quickly, but now…


Deal with it and carry me!


Oh great, now you’re involved with those two. I already paired you and Shin up just because of the Daisy pictures. Shame these two never invite me to play :slight_smile:


You and I should also pair up… >_>