Assistance with Slim's Elite Spore Launcher

If have to shot the monster with my Spore Launcher and revive a teammate 10x but I can’t seem to do it… I’m on console, help? I’m either doing it wrong or… erm.

Can you tell us what the Elite text says exactly? It’s been awhile.

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Give me a minute.

Oof, it has been a while since I did this one. I don’t even have the game on console anymore. I did do it with bots, though. That was a pain.

I would recommend using the bug on downed teammates so their health is high and they’re close to being up, then firing spores at a monster and going in for the last second rez as it is distracted.

I found that Wraith A.I. was easier to manipulate into this since it always fled the second the dome dropped and shooting it as it left allowed you to safely rez teammates while also filling the requirement. Takes forever that way, but it is simple.


That’s what it says, I don’t know if I can go more in depth in what it really means.

Thank you, I’ll try that.

I’m currently doing it with A.I. since I don’t have friends to do this with, and yes it is a pain.

Good luck! It is a pain in the ass!


I found a solution to the Spore Launcher Elite, I tried your way and it was so hard so I got to thinking. So I made a custom Arena match and tweaked it so my teammates would have infinite times to be downed, also making the monster level 3 and have 3 wins to win the Arena. The monster was Behemoth cause he had the most health and he’s sorta slow.

Here’s the funny part.

When a hunter is downed, you send his healing drone and right before full health you shoot the monster with the Spore Launcher, it counts. And don’t worry about the A.I. Hunters they’ll totally treat the healing drone as if your Lazarus or if it’s Daisy which in itself is neat.


Do this in Rescue

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You need to save them when monster cant smell inside the spore. :wink:

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