Assaults & Renegade Abe


Hey, lets talk about assaults. I like to play every role there are in the game, but the one i grew tired of the most was Assaults, since they all had the same look. That was untill R.Abe came out. He look different, he was cooler and was generally more fun to play as asssault. But after what i’ve experienced, his shotgun ? 2 shots max?. It’s abit hard to aim as him if the monsters move fast. And iam not a bad aimer, i think a lot of people think this.
TBH, i think he will be MUCH MORE FUN if his shotgun could fire 4 times normally, and 2 times with alt-fire.


Made category more specific.


Yeah, in the Overpowered mode full red buffs means he has 4 regular shots and 2 alt shots. Ignoring the higher damage it felt a lot better to have 4 shots instead of two.


Keep in mind that the bullets spread and with the primary fire all it takes is one little landed shot to poison the monster with the full DoT.


yeah ofc, but, wont u agree that when u shoot, 10x15 DMG pop up infront of you, instead of 3x15 (bullets dmg, before the poison ofc). Rather nerf poison dmg but buff it with 4 shots (2alt)


2 more shots would make him OP. He’s already on par, in terms of dps, with Markov/Hyde, and somehow has the 2nd highest average damage.


Yes, but this is kind of a meaningless statistic without more information.
For instance they say Blitz is the second highest with 13K average damage, and Gabe is at 13,7K average. So Gabe must be better, right? And Blitz must be better than the others?

No…you can’t know that at all without further information. A very, very important metric here is average round length. If, for instance, average round length of Gabe is 2 mins longer than average round length of Blitz, then suddenly things are less clear.

Just to make an exaggerated example:

Parnell average dmg: 12K
Average round length: 4 min

Blitz average damage: 13K
Average round length: 12 min

Suddenly Blitz doesn’t look better than Parnell, he looks massively worse, even with higher average damage.
Then on top of this example. winrate is of course important. It is possible for an assaults utility to matter more for winrate than damage done. (Perhaps unlikely before Gabe, but now we have debuffs etc.)

So yeah, giving us average damage done without other metrics is kind of…not very useful information. This doesn’t even take into account that for Gabe, plenty of the damage could be ‘useless’ chase DoT just working on armor. (For those monsters that realize eating a single meat will save you from the after-dome dot.)


How about increase the number of shots and decrease the DOT? But, I would say rabe relies too much on poison, thats kinda sad because especially in dome fights, that poison DOT does not help much.