Assaults & Monsters - Type comparisons


I primarily play monsters when I play evolve. As I was just reviewing their play styles and and what kind of monster they were, to increase my understanding and ability to play them. I noticed that each monster has a theme, and then I ended up playing a match as an assault, and noticed the same themes on the assaults when I looked through them.

Goliath - Fire
Kraken - Lighting
Wraith - Physical barrage

Hyde - Fire
Markov - Lighting
Parnell - Physical barrage

It is pretty obvious with the first 2 assault hunters and monsters respectively. It takes a little bit of a reach to realize the connection wiith wraith and parnell, but ultimately it is there as well. I just thought that it was interesting that the monsters and assaults reflect each other’s damage type.

Also, since there are 2 more monster coming in yet, and I believe I heard that 2 full sets of hunters will also eventually be released, I can’t help but wonder if the assault monster reflection will continue with these new characters that will be added to the game.

Anyone else have thoughts on this interesting triviality?


I noticed this, maybe just an interesting coincidence.


Yeah, I’m kind of hoping it will continue. It is kind of implying that the assaults are monsters in their own right. XP


another theme i noticed is that all tiers have a theme
in that order
hank val markov maggie can play offensive or defensive well

While bucket hyde laz and griffin are really good at defensive play crowd control and zone denial

and ciara parnell cabot abe are really good at finding chasing and killing the monster


Yeah, that is a good one. Another way to kind of pick your own play style for the hunters.

the balanced ones are a solid intro the to game. Defense, if you expect the monster to hit level 3 and need to be able to beat the raging beast, and the offensive third tier for hunters confident they can find and kill the monster before it reaches stage 3.

I also noticed that the monsters are a specific play style.

Goliath is a high mobility tank.
Kraken is a Low mobility long distance aerial assault.
Wraith is a sneaky slicer that can bop in and deals massive damage quickly, and disappear as quickly as he came.

The new monster Behemoth seems to be a low mobility tank. Which means his balance will be bent towards tankiness and offense.

All the monsters operate on a triangle balance. Usually with 2 of the 3 attributes more maxed.
-------- Damage -------
Mobility ------- Tank