Assaults meleeing Blitz Leopards/Venom Hounds to death


This is for those unaware. If you’re an Assault and you let a Blitz Leopard or a Venom Hound attack you uninterrupted, the Assault will kill the creature with their own bare hands. Any other Hunter classes and the creature will survive.

Tyrants, Megamouths and Chomper Plants still pose a huge threat to Assaults though.


At 0:10… It is the next most gruesome movie scene of the next most gruesome movie O.o


I find it super manly when Hyde just destroys the hell outta a blitzer ;_;


Honestly, I’m more surprised that you just mentioned that channel of yours here. I’d bet someone is going to go crazy.

…Mainly because I already noticed the blitzer fact, though.


I always love when they melee those damm things


I actually tend to run into these fuckers when I’m assault. I try to shoot them all but if I miss one, I usually know I still cleaned up for my mates.


Always thought that was cool. Gogo assaults.


I wish if an Assault stepped in a plant or Megamouth, you could mash the jump button repeatedly to free yourself. That would be super fun. :smile: