Assault Tips & Tricks

I DO NOT claim to be highly ranked, however I can give a few tips to help improve your combat effectiveness as Assault.

  1. Be the one to draw out the monster. Communicate with your team, and let them know to stay a safe distance back whilst you run into where the monster has setup shop to lure them out to your team. Everybody running into a cave with a Behemoth is exactly what the Behemoth wants you to do. By sending in only one person, and the most durable individual, this has not gone to their plan, and they must either fight where your team wants to fight, or wait out the dome, and try again somewhere else.

  2. Be a bit stingy with your Personal Shield. Whilst in certain situations it can be ideal to activate your shield, try to use your shield when you are at healf health or below. Activating your shield directly once you engage does not do much but tell the monster in a few seconds you won’t have any protection (besides Supports). Try not to use it the instant your get pounced. Also, do not use it if you are at full health about to take a Rock Throw, Fissure, etc. directly to the head, as your medic can heal you to full if you use it when the monster decides to try to finish you.

  3. Use the Personal Shield for defensive purposes, unless it calls for offense (monster has only 1 health bar left, etc.). When you use your shield, do not continue to push the fight. Back off and allow your medic to heal you, unless it calls for offensive use.

  4. With no Medic, or health regen, whilst at low health, fight carefully. If you are below half health with no medic or health regen, consider fighting hit and run, especially as Lennox. Back off and wait for the monster to turn their back to you. When they do, go and burn, shock, shoot, and lance their back off until they start attacking you. When they start, pop your shield if you get too low and run.

Hope these tips help! :smiley_cat:

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Actually, health regen is a good perk for assault that i’ve found. MOST monsters will ignore you for a good portion of a fight so what i do is usually tank a rock throw (you know, for the team hehe owwwwww ) and… oddly enough i am thenceforth focused and PS is up and laugh my tushie off as the monster goes to focus the medic instead as i regenerate all of my lost health and do tons of damage in the meantime.

Well, that’s how it usually goes, while the medic focuses on keeping others alive i live to melt some faces. (or if low on health shoot him with the secondary from 50m away)

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Behe example is a bad one. I don’t think you’d want to send your assault alone into the cave with a behemoth. A little damage, shield is popped, and then you just wait a bit, rock wall him in and pounce. Assault down.

I would have thought if you’re going to tank a hit like rock throw for your team, you would pop the shield so as to not give the medic more work to do. If no-one else is in need of healing, then maybe, but if the medic was the focus of the attack, I’d rather pop the shield and tank it and not force the medic to both, deal with being focused AND healing the team’s main damage dealer. (If you have HP regen like @Trollogrefey mentioned, you can take the damage though and wait to see if you get focused. Beware of wildlife though.)

And do be careful tanking hits, I see too many Assaults think they can soak everything up for the Medic/Support/Trapper and underestimate an attack’s power and get killed. :stuck_out_tongue:


This has happened to me before ;-; I could swear I had enough to tank it, but then I get incapped… Or a mammoth bird hits me just as the rock is coming at me, and I know it’s going to be disaster… Or the rock hits me and then sends me flying into wildlife [heh, that reminds me of my dropship rock-tyrant kill… Those magical Evolve moments…]

  • Use all of your abilities to gain the most damage.

  • Side abilities can be used in various ways (for most Assaults).

Parnell - SS can be used outside of domes as a speed boost. Use it to cut the monster off or to catch up with the team.


  • Toxic grenades can kill mammoth birds and protect your team from them in domes (But don’t let the monster eat them!)
  • Toxic grenades can be used to discourage body camping, and show up a wraith in decoy. Don’t underestimate their potential, and use them as SOON as they come off of cooldown.


  • Mines can be used to quickly kill large predators. Drop a couple near a dune beetle as you’re passing by and when you come back, chances are the beetle is no more. That’s one less obstacle for your team (especially trapper).
  • Mines are a safe haven for your team. Spread them out enough that they can’t be taken down in one go, but not so much that they won’t give the monster a reason to be afraid. Ping the mines out so everyone can see where to go when being focused.
  • Place mines on the top of ledges (Not too far out so that they can be hit from below) to hit monsters climbing up. When they pop, go back up and replace them. Your team should be taking the monster to the mines when possible.


  • Thunder Strike is a move that can be used for traversal. Hold the skill button down and a aiming icon will appear. Use this to aim to the max range and gain some extra distance at the end of your jetpack dodges.
  • If facing a monster such as Behemoth aiming Lava bomb at you, you can avoid the skill and deal damage by quickly using Thunder Strike to leap over the lava bomb and land on the monster.
  • Thunder strike is cancelled if you are hit during the animation. Becareful of this as it will go back onto cooldown dealing 0 damage.
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Well, I only do that if i am running HP regen (if we got caira or slim i don’t pick it) and usually I’ll shield tank it as is normal. But with hp regen I usually tank it head on then if I am focused then I shield and the medic can help me since no one else is being focused and should not need as much healing (usually).

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