Assault, the least popular class?


PS4 player reporting.
It seems that whenever I get auto-assigned to games, it’s usually as assault.
Also, the first player to leave when the PUG group is formed is also assault.
Finally, whomever gets assigned as assault are the most likely to try and change class.

Personally, I don’t really understand why this is happening. The assault class is pretty straightforward, and the role should be pretty easy to fill. So, how come the damage dealer ends up being the least popular?

Now, this is just anectdotal evidence from a single player. Please correct me if I’m wrong.



I believe Macman said assault was one of the more popular roles picked. The telemetry thread has a lot of info for things like that.



Alright! So my personal experience might be kinda weird then. I mean, I’ve played each class enough to make “No preference” my main setting when playing. Yet, from my experience it seems like Assault is actively avoided.



Since the assault is damage dealer, monsters tend to run away from him, which is actually a nice change from getting focused first(medic)

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I know what you’re talking about there. I usually have medic as first choice, since I’ve had a modicum of success in that role.



I hate playing assault. Doesn’t really offer much to the team other than dealing damage. Most call of duty players play assault because they can only focus on dealing damage and don’t have the ability to do much else.



Monster hates you and targets you.

Go figure

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Youre the one everyone is sacrificing themselves for. The trapper got him for you and slows him for you to catch up. The medic keeps you alive. Support shields you, amps or helps with turrets. All so that YOU can finish the monster! The assault is what ends the game.



I don’t disagree with you there. Assault is critical to monster damage. It just gets so boring having one task the entire game, damage, damage, damage.

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Sometimes, i feel like im doing more while playing assault than other classes.



When I play assault I’m always Hyde, and it’s a blast. I feel like I add so much to the team as well. The flamethrower can blind and pull the monsters attention so quickly. And the poison grenades make the monster want to run. Got some target on the monster? bust out the MINIGUN! All he needs is a heavy metal sound track.



I like hyde as assult but maybe because he has a cc ability. (grenades)

Also on xbox the a.i. is always medic



Trapper is the least popular, on PC at least.

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There you have it. Least Popularity by console.


Actually i think this says alot for its respective platform playerbases



I’ll talk about my experience. PC player here.

At first when I first started playing this game, I used to think that assault is a rather boring class to play, just damage and damage. I really enjoyed playing trapper as I always managed to cut off to where the monster is for a dome. The traps that I lay down stopped monster’s movement completely - and was hugely satisfying when it saved someone’s life or when combo-ed with Hank’s orbital.

Slowly, however, monsters started becoming better. Trapper became less satisfying to play as monsters will juke you out if you try to cut them off. Traps became kind of a minor annoyance to monsters instead. The gameplay of trapper became standing still on a good place while having your team flush the monster to you for a dome. Not very exciting. Assaults on the other end became more fun. Monsters try to be as far away as you as possible while trying to burst down your team in a dome battle. You have to constantly be on your toe to be applying pressure to the monster, and tanking some damage for your team if possible. If you don’t, your trapper’s dome will be all for naught.

Medic is somewhere in the middle in terms of fun-ness. The high pressure to keep yourself alive and your team alive is fun, but is also one dimensional so is pretty boring at the same time. I play medic if I want a change of pace from other classes.

Support has been my favourite class since the start. Supports are the most versatile in play style out of all classes. You get targeted semi-frequently but not as crazy frequent as medic. You try to keep your team alive (esp your medic) but must know to switch to offensive when it is the time. You’re the wildcard that when combined with medic, provides crazy defense, or when combined with assault, provides crazy offense. Occasionally, you help make trapper’s job easier. So much packaged into one, definitely the most interesting class to play.

Monster. Not really my cup of tea because I really fancy having teamwork as part of the game. My dream is to be able to play with fellow monsters as part of a team - not really likely to happen heh.



haha thats so true.
trapper in beta wow awesome satisfaction so much fun - now when u have a lazarus or do not have hank in your team monsters will just roll over you all time because they wanna get out of the dome - like putting animals in a cage and geting in with them aswell xD…

ya gameplay really changed compared to early days in alpha/beta or early release.
the moments i was sitting inside a bush while daisy was sniffing 10 meters in front of me … :frowning:

been a noob playn vs noobs was more fun i guess ^^.

the moment where daisy found the monster but nobody cared and she cried tears cause she did not get a cookie or even a hug for that - never forget.



People actually dont enjoy burning the monster’s face? O.o



My personal preferences in order are:
Monster, Trapper, Support, Medic, Assault.

On PS4.

I think assault would be higher if I played on PC because of the kb & mouse combination. I think that has a huge impact. Trying to hit a good kraken from range would be much easier on PC.



Here’s the original graph Macman posted

I suppose it could differ per platform. I always felt like Support was the most pop on PS4, but if those fairly balanced hunter stats are consistent it’s very possible to just have “bad luck”.



I like to compare assault-gameplay with playing X-man. Jump and run with some little enemies and then a huge bossfight in a coupled room. You have to dodge bossatacks, trying to shoot his hp down to nothing with a package of awesome weapons. At least you get not the monsters weapon, but for this you have more than one assault.