Assault shield won't activate while pounced (PS4)


Hey, so I’ve had this happen multiple times, so I feel like it’s not an isolated incident. I’d get pounced by the monster, and I’m not able to trigger the personal shield, so I’d get a down when I shouldn’t have.

I’m sure this happened with Torvald, but I’m not sure if it was isolated to plays with him- it could be Hyde as well, but I can’t remember.

I understand there’s another thread about this Assault shield bug during pounce

But it was started 3 months ago and it’s been locked.

Please advise.


Yeah, it’s happened before and on all platforms as well. All you can do is prevent it by being with support or activating your shield before the pounce.

It’s going to be fixed in 9.0 though.


Eh, 9.0’s going to be a month at least though? I kinda figured this was a big enough problem it should be fixed sooner than that :confused:


Yeah, I know. Bug fixes and changes are coming out in 9.0 which is in Jue or July, who knows.

I wish the big bugs could be squished in the next micropatch.


Bug fixes all depend on what has to be changed. Some big fixes due get put in the micropatches but if a lot of code needs changing to fix it then it has to wait for an update.

It’s a bummer but that’s how the game works.


I think in a lot of cases games have to prove it’s a “game breaking” bug, something like this wouldn’t qualify.


I mean, point taken, but it’s been the sole reason for a loss a bunch of times for me haha


Eh, sole reason? One pounce?

I dunnooooooo



Yes, It’d be a case where I cut off the monster, and if the shield worked, it would have bought me enough time for them to come shoot it off me, dome him, then win. Instead, I get a strike and/or he goes to town on the rest of the team while I’m down. A down at the wrong time can be very bad.

Also, in close games against a stage 3 at the relay. Can you really not see how a down at the wrong time (when you wouldn’t have otherwise) could matter?


Best advice for now: Learn when they are about to pounce and pop shield before they do.

What I find funny though is so many people are doing this now that they are going to develop some bad habits from it and I’m going to laugh when its fixed.


@10shredder00 you got a competitor XD


Yeah thanks, definitely gonna work on that




Single combat?




Guess it comes down to the monsters strategy. I play monster almost exclusively and getting one strike on an assault has never had a big impact on the match, but I suppose that’s because I almost always ignore the assault until I’ve done something about the healing/shielding on the team.


Yeah, it definitely depends on the situation


Yeah I think the criteria is rather strict though. Like if the pounce crashed the game nearly all the time they’d be able to patch it sooner, but those are rare exceptions.

In this case they would argue that yeah, the ability still works and doesn’t ruin the game completely so it wouldn’t require an emergency fix.


I don’t even mind the bug staying as a gameplay mechanic. It’s only the assault that benefits from it anyway. Males you have to play a bit more careful.


Well, with TU9 (Unless the damage resist suffers the same issue) it won’t really matter.

Honestly, it might not get fixed because of that.

And honestly, I think (Unless it’s an easy fix) I’d rather them not waste the time/effort to fix it when it will only be relevant for another month or two.