Assault Shield glitch


So there’s a weird glitch that I’ve noticed happening when the Assault’s shield interacts with certain abilities.

It’s a bit hard to describe, but the best example I can give of it is when Goliath uses his Charge on you. The shield has the " impact bounce " effect every time something hits you, right? Well, when you’re in a situation when Goliath is constantly in contact with you during the charge, the visual effect of the shield goes nuts and the game briefly freezes. I think it’s just the game trying to play the shield impact effect for every millisecond the Goliath is touching you with the charge.

It’s only happened to me like twice, so it’s not a heavily recurring issue, but it should get looked at maybe?


If it starts happening more often then it should be looked at, but atm there are alot bigger issues with some other types of crashes and bugs.


Try and make a screenshot (or video) of it next time. Then report it in the bug-section of the forums