Assault shield bug?


Not sure if this is a bug, or there is a mechanic at work that I don’t understand, but hey, I think it is a bug.

So what happens is that I’m playing assault (on PC, if that matters), getting a hammering down to maybe a single bar of health, so I deploy my shield, and the next blow I receive incapacitates me, like there was no shield at all. This happens fairly frequently. Last time it happened I deployed the shield after being incapped, and it didn’t extend my life at all. Monster went through it like it literally wasn’t there.

Has anyone else had this? It’s really inconvenient.


Was there a Sunny in the group? I’ve heard someone claim Sunny’s shield drone caused their assault shield not to work or something.


Hm. I’ve had this happen a few times. Once it turned out I got knocked back into 3 mammoth birds that all attacked at once; I didn’t think it even worked except one of my teammates said he saw the shield pop then go down instantly, but it still didn’t feel right that I lost my entire shield and health bar in a split-second, it can usually take quite a bit of punishment. Sometimes Personal Shield doesn’t pop at all if you’re firing a weapon when you press the button - it just doesn’t recognize the input - died a few times that way as well.